Burma where to go

Myanmar, where to go

They are the tribe Unifying the past and the present in an even way has never been better, and that is Myanmar today. These are 5 good reason to get a Myanmar postmark in your pass. Don't miss: Be sure to experience a dawn and dusk in the Bagan temple. You' ll see all over Myanmar. From the busy towns to the isolated towns, these hard-working young and old lords of the temple, are adding Burgundian charm to everyday lives.

They would not think that Myanmar is a synonym for retailing treatment, nor are there sparkling Chinese styled centers. Don't miss it: Take a look at the lacquerware in Bagan. Varnish can be found everywhere, in churches, on fairs and in handicraft businesses. You will find the best stores with flawless work in all categories in our area.

Don't miss: Don't miss the smaller Bagan coupons.

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