Burma where is it Located

Myanmar, where is it?

It is located on the northeast edge of Southeast Asia and borders Thailand, Laos, China, Tibet, India and Bangladesh. Where is Myanmar? Myanmar is located on the continent of Asia. Would you like to know where Myanmar is? Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia.

Where' s Myanmar? Where is Myanmar in the world? Myanmar Map

Who is Myanmar's capitol? Burma is located on the Asian mainland and with 653,508 sq. km. of country and 23,070 sq. km. of waters is the biggest country in the whole wide area of 676,578 sq. km. Burma became an autonomous state in 1948 after it gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

Myanmar's total populace is 54,584,650 (2012) and the country has a concentration of 84 inhabitants per sqkm. Myanmar's localization is Kyat (MMK). Myanmar's Burmese are also known as Burmese. Burma has 5 bordering countries: For more information, please see our Burma section.

Who is Myanmar's capitol? The Nay Pyi Taw is the capitol of Myanmar. Inhabitants 925,000, it has a latitude of 19.75 and a latitude of 96.13. Also Myanmar's republican centre of politics, Nay Pyi Taw is home to his chief of state.

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Burma, the "Golden Land", is a predominantly Buddhistic land whose story can be retraced back to the Neolithic Age. Pyu strains in the first known metropolitan states were formed in Burma around the 2 nd millennium BC, initiating trading with India and bringing Buddhism to the area. Repetitive assaults by the Kingdom of Nanzhao in the eighth AD enforced the demise of the Pyu people.

At the end of the ninth quarter Nanzhao had established a small village in Pagan (Bagan). Pagan civilisation blossomed during the eleventh millennium and eventually absorbing the neighbouring villages and creating the pagan empire. Along with the Khmer Empire, the Pagan Empire was one of the major forces in Southeast Asia at the period, and Burma's languages and cultures were then dominant.

But the pagans were no match for the Mongolian occupiers, and after successive incursions the kingdom broke down in 1287. 1364 the succession state Ava was established in the centre of Burma to rebuild the pagan state. Tabinshwehti, Toungoo's excessively aggressive kings, captured a large amount of Southeast Asia in the course of the sixteenth and became the greatest kingdom in the world.

But after the demise of Tabinshwehti's follower, Bayinnaung, the kingdom began to dissolve before it dissolved in 1599. In the following two hundred years Burma came under the rule of many small empires, was captured by the British in the nineteenth and integrated into the Indian state. In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

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