Burma when to go

Myanmar, when to go

What time to go to Myanmar? However, it is the main travelling time, so you will not have the temple to yourself, although November and December provide a little more rest. Tunggyi Balloon Festival: Drive to Inle Lake in November and watch all sorts of balloon size and shape brighten the sky and mark the end of the wet seasons.

This is the hottest period of the year, with lower temperature levels of over 40°C. It is unlikely to get wet and all the rides are open, so if you like the warmth, this is a great holiday period. In order to get out of the air moisture, you should visit the Ngapali beaches or go in May when the wind gets a little stronger.

SWEDAGON PAGODE swedagon pagode festival: Go to the Shwedagon pagode in Yangon for this ceremony, which includes prayer, dance and sacrifice for the swedagon and its friars, which takes place in early March. The Phaung Daw Oo Feast of Pagodas: In September and October the natives celebrate for 18 whole nights with four Buddha pictures, which are carried over Lake Inle in a reproduction of the King's ship.

Taiungbyone Nat: Go to Mandalay in August for this frantic pilgrimage that attracts tens of thousand of pilgrims for dancing and sacrificing two renowned psychic beings known as Nats. Depending on where you want to go, we provide you with an expert who will live this goal and give you first-hand information.

We take the opportunity to get to know you, to exchange our knowledge and to arrange the desired vacation together with you at the right rate.

Myanmar - Burma - Highlights

Burma, also called Myanmar, is a supreme state in Southeast Asia bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. More and more carriers offer services from the UK to Yangon - also known as Rangoon, Burma's biggest town - such as Singapore Air, Malaysia Airways, Thai Airways and Qatar Airways.

Inle Lake is home to rowing legs, swimming orchards and a captivating crop that makes it a must for any excursion. The balloon ride over Bagan, the old town with its thousand sanctuaries, is a magic time. The Ananda Temple, constructed in the twelfth century and one of the most spectacular on the plain, is a miracle, as is the biggest of them all:

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