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Myanmar, when to go

Since I saw a panoramic photo of Mount Popa in a magazine, I knew I had to visit him during my visit to Myanmar. Thanksgiving Day Be it the New Year, the beginning of the crop or the many Buddhaist feasts, Myanmar has a series of lively celebrations every year, and here is our selection of the best. During Burma on the 11th week of the full moons anniversary, this celebration marks the beginning of picking with sticky specialty rices cooked and savoured with family and family.

Between March and April during the summer vacation, young men from communities and cities throughout Myanmar will disguise themselves as prince and go to their native convent where they will briefly study the Dhamma - the Buddha teach the world. This Buddhist feast, held over 4-5 nights, marked the beginning of the Myanmar year with a rebellious throw of waters in the street and charity for the people.

It is a opportunity for Buddhists to wipe out misfortune and misfortune from the previous year. The five days of the Shwedagon Rally will lead to the full moons with visitors from all over Myanmar who will visit the Shwedagon Lagoon in Mandalay with fresh candlelight. ANNIVERSARY 18-day celebration held at Phaung Daw Oo Lake in the Inle Lake is best known for the four Buddha sculptures that are carried on a regal ship along the Inle Lake highways.

Aka Myanmar's Light Festival, this season marked Buddha's Lenten season's comeback to the ground with the light of a hundred candle lights in churches and couples throughout Myanmar. Every year a ballon fest takes place in the Shan state capitol, at which tens of beautifully adorned stationery ballons are sent to heaven.

Burma's greatest travelling taboo: a vacation in Burma | Travelling

When the Bangkok airplane was circling over water-filled squares interrupted by shiny bell-shaped rooftops, I tried to picture rural living underneath - desolate, isolated from the outside and watched by troops at every turn. Burma (Burma's name since 1989) has kept pace with its Asiatic tigers and satellites are showering the towns with CNN and Korea's Soap.

Most Britons have been heartened by our historic relations with Burma to comply with the tourist ban demanded by Aung San Suu Kyi, the chosen female guide under domestic detention under the reigning army regime - and that goes for me too. However, in recent months, the case of the Free Burma Coalition, an important group of opponents who are now active in promoting Burmese tourists for the Burmese population' s benefit, has become increasingly important and credible in the West, prompting me to debate a visit with Amrit Singh, the Burmese-born proprietor of British travel company TransIndus.

She is also confident that the only way to help the Myanmar authorities is through the use of tourist services to promote democratisation. In spite of the impressive appeal of Rangoon (now reduced Yangon), Mandalay and the Irrawaddy Rivers (very George Orwell; Myanmar days are waving at you everywhere), you cannot disregard Myanmar policy.

The only thing that has rescued the Myanmar ghost is the unshakable faith in Theravada Buddhism. I have never seen such glare in any other Buddha land, from Yangon's Shwedagon, where a golden fin towers above the solid sanctuary, already dropping 60 tons of solid golden, to Mandalay's Mahamuni Laya (paya means temple), where a 2,000-year-old Buddha sculpture is affectionately recreated and even gets her brushing her mouth every day.

During this historical festival, and in less magnificent countryside, I saw the local people picnicking, slumbering and hanging around in the shadowy rooms and outdoors. This tranquility vanished when I went into the more impressive regal sanctuaries of the main area. When I was attacked by ladies who came across paint cases and glockenspiels and sang dollars.

This despairing tactic contrasted sharply with their elegance - Myanmar woman were ashamed of every little star in the West, despite large spots of age. It' thinaka, a crust pastes that looks like a real body lotion and that even men are wearing at ease - and makes a lot of people from Burma look like they're working in slapsticks.

After a Burmese ban in Suu Kyi's home, they now appear in English at night in their home - with backpacker audiences. and men were chewing and spitting beets of revenge. I have a strong feeling after this journey that Burma's Big Brother needs watchers; the more knowledgeable the foreigner, the better.

It is a wealthy government - if the tourist doesn't come, it makes no distinction for them. I' ve been hearing this over and over again - but only from those I've spoken to alone: they are living in fear of clues. There is not much you can or cannot disregard about the Myanmar government.

More about the Free Burma Coalition: www.freeburmacoalition.org. It was hard to believe when someone told me for the first and foremost that travel is helping the commoner. When I was just 14, the military came to my town and opened fire without notice and killed innocent men. The Karen and other minority groups have been confronted with assaults by the various Burmese rulers for many years, but since the 1990' the cruelty and extent of the assaults has grown.

It opened Burma to foreign commerce, investments and travel. Millions of US dollar that flowed into the land did not help normal human beings. Indeed, the government cut back its expenditures for healthcare and upbringing. Rather, it redoubled the scale of the armed forces and increased its attack on the population.

Dictatorships have recognised the importance of travel as a living resource, with the hopes that visitors will not only be able to give them their arms, but also have more respect for an illegal army regim. Violation of mankind is directly linked to terrorism - tens of millions of people have been evicted by force from their houses to make towns more beautiful, to oppress disagreements and to make way for touristic institutions.

Many of Burma's most fanatic tourist supporters, such as Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet, acknowledge that it is not possible to go to Burma without the Burmese government capital. I have seen the effects first hand: my hamlet was assaulted, my pals murdered, my wives and kids violated, my locals torment. so please don't go anywhere for a while.

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