Burma what to see

What to see in Burma

Myanmar (Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma) on the way to Myanmar / Burma? Myanmar is an eight-day classic trip that offers you all the sights you need to see. Explore Kale, Burma with the help of your friends.

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Gold foggy temples.... market full of blossoms, silks and woodcarvings... soft water that meanders past thick jungle, small towns and emerald green paddy fields. This is just some of the secret treasure of everyday living along the Irrawaddy that you will see in a small group of Vantage Adventures - in the luxury of a luxurious riverboat.

Burma & the Irrawaddy Rivers is a unique chance to discover one of the world's least visited places on an unforgettable Irrawaddy Rivers trip, coupled with thrilling overland exploration of Yangon (the ancient Rangoon). Old Myanmar (also known as Burma) will remain untouched by tourists. When you were not sure about your visit to Burma while it opens its gates to the outside worlds, our 10-day Makara Queen luxury motorhome boat trip on the Makara Queen should put you in motion.

Our luxury boat trip on the rivers is only part of the story. No. Imagine, in the plain of Bagan, where a wood of thousand sanctuaries fascinates all who experience it..... visit the town of Yandabo, renowned for its hand-made potteries.... and the busy city of Yangon, a wealthy replica of Burma's unbelievable civilization and long heritage.

If you are travelling Burma at its best, join us on this rewarding experience in a captivating country that has been lost in the past, and at the same the best value in small group trips! Take a night out to Yangon, Myanmar. After a night flying we reach Yangon, Burma's busy financial and culture centre, on the second day, where we spend three evenings in a luxurious outdoor resort with a view of the Royal Lake in the town.

Our tour of this historical city begins with an afternoons panorama tour of the Sule Pagoda, the Town Hall and the Supreme Court. We leave after breakfasts to see more of the Yangon people. The afternoons are free after luncheon in a nearby restuarant. Have a free night with your own supper.

Incl: Meals: You can take an facultative trip to the old capitol Bago and stop at the Taukkyan War Cemetery to see the worshipped Buddha statues, a small town and the Khat Win Monastery. Incl: Meals: Come with us for a whole days to discover the marvels of Bago, the kingdom of Mon.

You will get to know the town' s past and myth while you visit the lying Shwethalyaung Buddha, the four sitting Buddhas in Kyaikpun and the old Kambozathadi Castle. Situated 375 ft above the Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon, this gold sanctuary can be seen from about 6 leagues outside the town.

An excursion to a webdorf in the area is also part of the package. Return to Yangon and see the cemetery of the Allies - the tranquil, nicely designed last rest place of more than 27,000 Alliance troops who died in the Second World War. We will drive to the Irrawaddy River, the most important river route in the state.

Its name comes from Sanskrit and means "elephant river", and it flows almost 1,350 nautical mile inland. We will stop at Danuphyu, where we will see a centuries-old convent and walk through the beautiful botanic gardens and a cigars' cigars.

We will then get on the luxury Makara Queen motorhome in the city of Satcott and dine on the boat. Incl: Meals: We stroll through this small city, admire the city and visit a small village fair to meet the area. During a cookery show we get new insight into the kitchen: We get to know how to prepare a lettuce of tealeaf, a favourite of the area.

Incl: Meals: Today we are discovering the fascinating story and the fascinating cultural life along this historic canal: a new place: Sightseeing in the antique Pyu, which was the most important place in the area between the fifth and ninth century. We will see the stunning antique arts collections in a beautiful antique arts archive, followed by a trip to the stunning Shwesandaw Pagoda Complex, one of the most important places of Buddhism for pilgrims in the state.

Incl: Meals: Incl: Meals: Incl: Meals: In the afternoons we will have a few visits to Bagan, where the towers of more than 3,000 buddhistic shrines penetrate the skies over an impressive plane along the Irrawaddy. We' ll be visiting some of the most important monuments, such as the Pyattatgyi Temple, and experience a magic sundown overlooking the listed plateaus.

At night you will be able to watch a Burmese puppet show on the boat. Incl: Meals: Later, we will watch a cookery show where we will see how to prepare a delicious meal. Incl: Meals: During the whole time of the trip we immerse ourselves in the everyday life and cultures of the Irrawaddy area. Starting with a guided tour of the vibrant small island of Yandabo.

Incl: Meals: Today you have enough free day to discover the beautiful Mandalay, which includes a tour of the Mahamuni Pagoda and Mandalay Palace. You can also get an insight into the extraordinary arts and crafts in this land by visiting some regional garages, among them tapestries, wood and marmor carvings and bronce foundries.

We will have dinner in a tavern and have a farewell dinner that night, where you can have a delicious dinner while thinking about an unforgettable adventur. Incl: Meals: Incl: Meals:

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