Burma what to see

What to see in Burma

Sojourn in a monastery on the top of the holy Mt Vist U Bein Bridge in Mandalay. Clic for Burma itineraries and tours. It has beautiful mountains, a sweet city market and a relaxed life. Best way to see the country? Take a look at some of the highlights of our destinations:

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists.

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists. As soon as you are in Burma, you don't need to go far to take your own similar snapshot. The' Land of the Gold Towers' is full of palagodas, shrines and stupas â conic or burial-like constructions full of relicts, gems and sacrifices for Buddha.

Yangonâs Shwedagon is the most iconical and holy land; the 99m high body contains eight wisps of Gautama â the historic Buddha. Guests from all over Burma are donating golden to complete the picture. Take your FJs with you â the waterways are fresh and chilly at noon.

Burmaâ? "s insulation has promoted self-sufficiency â and this has spread far beyond sustenance and at the same time, to the point of dependency. Here there is a handicraft for everyone â from roll cigars and woven silks to silversmiths and green-goldpresses. Lotuses are one of the more uncommon handicrafts â often from the Kayan wives, many of whom still wearing brassy thimbles.

They are dyed - often with nature colours - and weaved onto hand-made wood weaving machines. The support of the craftsmen is encouraging the continuation of tradition â and providing revenue for municipalities with few alternative options, which means that this is one of the best things to do in Burma.

Things to do in Burma (Myanmar): our highlight guidebook

Myanmar has a touch of exoticism that' s more powerful than any of its South East Asia neighbors. When you walk around a souvenir shop, you still rarely get to listen to foreign music. About 150 ethnical groups are living in Burma, and for many the peak is the population. Myanmar is still awakening from the darkness of its past and today reflects what the remainder of South East Asia was like 30 or 40 years ago.

It' relatively unaffected by the characteristics of the West and for me it is the most genuine travelling adventure in Southeast Asia. The majority of journeys to Burma begin with a flight to Yangon, the former capitol, which can be better recognised by its old name Rangoon. I have eaten in a tappas restaurant during my last trip and more vehicles are whirring around the city.

But in the center of the Colonies, the large old building is largely unspoiled - a move into the past that has been forgotten by the developments in the other colonies of Southeast Asia. Each Burmese Buddhist must attend the temples at least once in his or her lifetime. And Mandalay is the untold character of Burma, a town to get under your feet, yet she has been the second violinist after Yangon since the era of UK nationalism.

I would drive to Ngapali for a Burmese seaside resort, a beautifully undeveloped 15 mile long sandy shore along the Bay of Bengal. Southeast Asia no longer has many such shores and it is a great place to unwind at the end of a journey.

In one of the far-flung corners of the cove, the fishermen's town is busy delivering the early hours of the fishermen's catch to the locals' restaurant for lunches and dinners. Constructed of either scarlet bricks or whitestone and often executed in golden, some of Burma's temples are in a ruined state, while others have been restored to their original state.

The locals still dwell and cultivate in the middle of the structure, everything that is left of an old town. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, or Golden Rock, is worshipped by Buddhists throughout Burma. A simpler way is to take a lorry to the top. Hiking and hiking in Burma is a great way to explore isolated communities and the characteristic tribes that populate them.

It is a secluded part of Burma where you rarely see foreigners. As I walked through the village I was welcomed into a home by members of the Ann tribe and enjoyed a cup of hot teas and hot groundnuts while the native kids sighted. I suggest a one-day hike with an English speaker guidebook.

lnle brine is different from anywhere else in Burma. The mountain people's settlements surround the sea, and the Intha inhabit stalked towns that stretch from the shores of the sea into the canals. They are industrial beehives, and during a tour you will see a silversmith and smithy working metals and silks, and weaver working on a loom in a workshop under their houses.

Genocide also creates colorful fairs, the climax of which is the swimming fair, which takes place around the site every five days. One of the first humans who had the luck to make a hot air flight over the city. Above you get an insight into the whole variety of events on the water: the swimming farmhouses, the towns and the fisherman who steer their boat with an oblique rudder in their legs.

Heho Airport is one hour's car trip from Inle Lake, which in turn is only a brief plane trip from one of Burma's most important locations. I would strongly advise you to take the railway between Mandalay and Lashio, the last big town on the old Burma Road, if you want to take a trip by railway in Burma.

It is possible to board the trains for about an hours to cross the second highest rail link in the whole wide open area. Journey in third grade, which places you among the natives and provides a much more earthy adventure among the many native travelers, livestock and goods that fill the platoon every day.

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