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What to see in Burma

Myanmar (Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma) on the way to Myanmar / Burma? Myanmar is an eight-day classic trip that offers you all the sights you need to see. Explore Kale, Burma with the help of your friends.

Hiding: The Pope will not see during his stay in Myanmar.

The Pope has embarked on a sensitive journey to Myanmar, a land blamed for the "ethnic cleansing" of Rohingya Muslims. We were blocked from the Rohingya concentration camps in the south of Rakhine state in Myanmar by two police officers and a civilian officer. That is the lower abdomen of this Buddhist-dominated land that the government does not want the Pope to see.

A group of people said they had to have about a decade of Myanmar government stamps and permits before they could enter the encampment. Myanmar officials, also known as Burma, claim that "security" is the main cause of severe restrictions on intrusion. It is said that the Rohingya are Islamic activists who are out for terrorist activity.

So we found an alternate, clandestine way to see a campsite for ourselves, using a web of Burmese who are risking their liberty and know they need to be torturing or beating because they helped us. We found several hundred scared Rohingya Muslims abandoned in their own countries.

You said that they are refused school for their offspring, that they cannot find work, that each of their movements is monitored and curtailed because they are adherents of Islam and are part of an ethnical group that calls itself Rohingya Muslims. To the Myanmar government and many of the Buddhists, they just don't do.

We' ve been asked innumerable beasts not to call her Rohingya. "You are not Rohingya," we were instructed. "Myanmar has no group like Rohingya Muslims. And they have been living in Myanmar for generation after generation. "We' re not permitted to go to Sittwe (the closest capitol of the state of Rakhine).

"This is not permitted by the government. Several hundred persons live in the warehouse. Then, there were accounts that a Moslem man raped a young Buddha schoolgirl. At that time the military used the same tactic as today, burned down houses and drove away frightened Rohingya Muslims. This is what a two-year study by Amnesty International described as a kind of "apartheid", similar to South Africa against blacks before they came to the democratic stage in 1994.

You accuse Muslims of racial brutality and many are applauding the army for a three-month repression that has seen an expedition of more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims since the end of August. "Myanmar troops would never be raping Moslem wives because they are too bad. The use of the Rohingya will probably even cause an extremely strong response from Buddhists, who will find the concept objectionable and flammable.

But if the Pope does not properly mention the riots, which the UN calls a "textbook example of ethical cleansing", he is widely seen as a horrible lost cause for one of the most oppressed minority groups in the underworld. One of the expelled Rohingya Muslims said to us:

"Myanmar's troops are trying to exterminate us all and drive us out of the land. "Whether it' s racial cleanliness or gender murder, it is of little importance to those who endure it.

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