Burma what to see

What to see in Burma

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Hpa-An, Myanmar (Burma) Saddar Cave. Myanmar (Burma) U Leg Bridge. An exhaustive list of activities in Thaton, Burma Myanmar. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Thaton.

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Burma is a beautiful land with great and beautiful scenery, interesting cultures and histories and friendly minorities. Until 2005, Yangon (Rangoon) was the capitol of the state. The biggest town in the land is full of imposing couples and churches, such as the Golden Pagoda with 65 meters of Buddha.

It is a secure town with beautiful craft stores and many other amenities. You can visit the most important monasteries and religions in this area. It is the last and most imposing regal capitol of the state. andalay is the center of Burma's wealthy and unparalleled cultural and historical heritage.

The ancient Bagan is home to giant Buddha statues and some of the most gorgeous Buddhist monasteries and palagodas in the whole wide open area. Myanmar's biggest and most used sea is Inle Lake, where you can see how marine activity works.

Burma (Myanmar) 10 miracles of nature you have to see

Best things to see in Burma? The Irrawaddy River - known as'The Road to Mandalay' by Rudyard Kipling - is well over 2,000 km long and the biggest in Burma (Myanmar). These immense waters are home to a captivating colony of bees; see the locals doing their day-to-day businesses on long boats made of wood; lively market towns that sell giant pans and interwoven matted baskets on the slimy shores; well-kept homes with thatch roofing; and hilly areas with palagodas and gnarly-tree.

The Irrawaddy is beside the everyday home live an important transit for the commerce and the transportation of travel, which is cultivated in the Irrawaddy delta. The most inhospitable inhabitant of these bodies of water is the threatened Irrawaddy whale. At Hsithe, a small town, these smart animals work with native fishers to capture marine species under the overcast.

Unfortunately, the dolphins' relation to humans is not always harmonic; some fishers use electrical current to capture the salmon and accidentally kill unfortunate local them. The Irrawaddy can be explored by a number of ways, from a brief night trip between Mandalay and Bagan to a longer journey on a luxurious ship.

If you have little spare minute it is also possible to watch the sunset over this bustling water on an afternoon boat-trip. Encourage the sustainability of our tourist industry by visiting the country town of Hsithe. The Irrawaddy is unbelievable, but there are also indigenous industry (such as roll cigars, marmalade making and growing rice) and the opportunity to try the amazing net casting technology that is typical of the area.

Formerly the beautiful area of Pyin Oo Lwin was a haven for the British colonialists. The city is set in the heart of a mountainous area that is home to more than 135 different ethnical groups, making it an ideal starting point for walkers interested in Burma's outdoors.

The distinctive area of the north Kachin state in the Himalayan spurs was long isolated and hardly entered (or hiked) by visitors. Possibility to see locals? The area also has a number of ethnically diverse minorities - girls and boys - as well as those municipalities where they have a face tattoo.

Staying with a host family to make the most of your day in the town, get to know the locals and their cultures better and enjoy delicious homemade meals. One way or another, take a bath and snorkell or go diving to see the underwater world. Ile Lake is a favorite among Burmese newcomers.

Stylish one-legged towns, swimming pools and fishing are lasting pictures of this lovely vastness; discover the most important attractions in a long-tail or take a sea goat to discover at your own speed. It is possible to walk to Inle Lake from other areas in Shan State such as Pindaya or Kalaw, and on the waters it is possible to discover calmer areas to observe birds (there are well over a thousand kinds in this area) or to go to the less frequented south end to see the "sunken" stupa.

Have a nice drink at the Red Mountain Vineyard in Burma. A few hour break - with an orchid garden with more than 300 native plants, rockeries, large ponds, a gold-plated coupe, an avocet, a swimming pool, a swimming pool, a butterfly factory and the (unusual) Nan Myint Tower is enough to keep you up.

Though less known than Inle Shores, the Shwedagon Lagoon and the Golden Rock, Kyauk Ka Lat (another of Kipling's inspirations) should be up there in the top of Burma's most famous places. Situated in the middle of a large pond, this small chalk peak, which is difficult at the top, is about to fall, but against all adversities a marble peak is balanced.

Stroll through the vast, breath-taking expanses, past a pond and sunlit couches that throw shade on the ground. The 7.6 metre high "golden rock" seems to be in the middle of the drop. Contact us to schedule your memorable vacation in Burma (Myanmar) - we pledge you won't miss anything.

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