Burma what to see

What to see in Burma

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Hpa-An, Myanmar (Burma) Saddar Cave. Myanmar (Burma) U Leg Bridge. An exhaustive list of activities in Thaton, Burma Myanmar. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Thaton.

Activities in Thaton, Burma Myanmar

The Myathabate is an old hill top that is well deserved for its magnificent view of the surroundings..... More about Myathabate is available. Thaton' s busy central square is a typical live and colorful square in a funny, photographic way. Situated in the center of the city on the major road, the square stretches two block westwards and into the alleys around it.

The next section to the New Myomar Market motorway and the adjoining Old Myomar area is official, but to be frank, we couldn't see..... More about Myomar Market. Whilst the Shwe Sar Yan Pagoda is not the most dramatic of Burma's Buddhist monasteries, it is a nice 15-minute diversion as you walk through the city.

The layout is classic: a large gold marble coupe with small chests, Buddha pictures and various sculptures. More about the Shwe Sar Yan pit. Please have a look at past editions.

Activities in Ye, Burma Myanmar

Fifteen kilometers upstream from Ye. An excursion to Jaun Yua can involve a walk through the secluded and welcoming town, a cruise up the scenic Ye River and a stunning sundown to a mountain peak. More about Jaun Yua. The excursion leads through the countryside and Bin Le Wa Beaches, which is not the most scenic but provides an entertaining time.

Situated a little bit further up-country at the confluence of the rivers, the Ye is divided from the coastline by about eight kilometers of arable land and rice. You can take the highway westwards of the city leading to Asin, a small hamlet near the confluence of the rivers and the region's most important fishery dock. More about Bin Le Wa Beach.

Ko Yin Lay's stunning Buddhist compound, generally known as Bananenberg, is located about eight kilometers outside the city on the northbound highways. People from Burma come from far away to see this lavish sanctuary and cloister. Leave the city on the Mawlamyine' s major street, and after you have passed the old Japan' s airfield on the right, look out for the entrance street to the shrine, which is bounded by two Caucasians?

More about Bananenberg (Ko Yin Lay). It could be divided over a whole days, with an excursion to the Bananenberg or to the Bin Le Wa beaches in the center of the..... More about your hike. Surrounded by huge lagoon colored limes, the Shwe San Daw is dominating the city center of Ye from above and is definitely more valuable than a glimpse.

Situated between the streets May Yu and Yan Gyi Aung, it is the most prestige of the city and although it is not very large, it is very interesting. More about the Shwe San Daw Pagoda. on Skyscanner. Please have a look at past editions.

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