Burma what to do

Myanmar, what to do

I lost the number of times during my visit to Burma that I was told there was nothing to do in Mandalay. He has courtesy levels and honors that take into account the status and age of the speaker in relation to the audience. What can you do for writers in a country who have an urgent need to put their stories on paper? Burma Highlights Exploring Myanmar (Burma) is not for the weak-hearted.


Our work focuses on the three key programs Access to Learn, Leadership to Learn and Change in the Community. Supporting the transformational upbringing of legitimate Myanmar-student, regardless of their religion or ethno... Each of our recipients is changed drastically in the near future by the qualification that they acquire with our assistance, which allows them to find useful work and acquire invaluable qualification and aptitude.

Myanmar has been undergoing a long overdue process of reforms since 2011, and the need for well-trained and qualified staff is more urgent than ever. Each of our pupils undertakes to return home if possible and to use their new knowledge and skills for the reconstruction of Myanmar's citizens. By 2015/16 we had provided 93 scholarship holders with £342,085.

Out of the 23 graduate school leavers in 2012, eleven have already moved back to Myanmar, eight of whom work in this area. Of these, nine are working elsewhere in Myanmar, and one of them has continued his studies to obtain a doctorate. To find out how you can help us, or donate today.

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