Burma Weather November

Weather in November

Comprehensive Myanmar (Burma) weather guide for November, festivals and travel. The rainy season is already becoming a distant memory and promises the best conditions for many November to visit Myanmar. Average temperatures in Myanmar. Indo-Asia and SE-Asia are among the most impressive weather systems in the world. In the south it can still rain until November.

Weather in Myanmar in November - The best season to see Myanmar ("Burma")

The change of the year is marked by November, with strong rains gradually shifting into the past. Terrific weather is beginning to return throughout the whole nation and the temperature is dropping in some places. Whilst many parts of the land are still floating in the middle of the 1920s to the beginning of the 1930s, the highland and promontory can become up to 25 metres deep, especially at nights, which may necessitate warm clothes to be brought along.

Most of the resort and seaside holiday areas in the south and the coast of the island are fully open to people. The sun shines almost every day and the area is preparing to go back to its more bustle.

Weather in Myanmar - Weather per month

Myanmar (Burma) has a three different seasons: the cold months of November to February, the hottest months of March to May and the rainy months of June to October. It is a cold and arid period with moderately high temperature around 30°C. The clearest sky is clear and the water is bluish, making it a good place to visit archaeological areas and sands.

Since the temperature rises to 40°C during the warm seasons, it is particularly hard in the middle part of the island, which makes it difficult to explore the archaeological area. Until the end of May the downpours are increasing and monsoons are coming into the countryside with high precipitation. Some places like Yangon and the south shore are soaked, but the Mandalay area does not see much show.

The weather: It' s still arid all over the year and the most important travel sites are enjoying the coldest weather of the year. It is the best period for traveling around the year. It is also a good sunbathing period on Ngapali beaches. The weather: Weather is fine, the drought persists.

The temperature is around 30°C. It is still the best time of year to travel around the countryside and visit the beach. The weather: As of March, the temperature rises significantly and reaches 40°C on a regular basis. The temperature in the Upper Irrawaddy area is much higher and precipitation is still unlikely. Travel around the countryside is still okay, but you have to deal with higher temperature.

The Ngapali beaches are ideal for an outing. The weather: The temperature rises to the highest level of the year and reaches over 40°C. Burma's New Year, Thingyan, is held throughout the nation in mid-April, with a celebration that fills the state. The weather: The temperature tends to drop slightly towards the end of the months.

There is a decrease in the number of people visiting, as some of them are not comfortable in the warm and damp weather. The majority of Ngapali beaches are nearby and there are fewer trips to the area before the monsoons break in. The weather: South East monsoons begin and in June it is season for monsoons.

The temperature is dropping a little. The most of the seaside resort are shut down, so it's not a good season for the beaches. The weather: Precipitation peaks at around 30°C.

It is certainly not the right moment for the beaches, but the areas around Mandalay are much better. The weather: There is still a lot of rain in the whole state and the traffic is still bad. The temperature is about 30°C. Traffic in large parts of the countryside can be problematic, especially in the countryside, where streets are often inundated.

The weather: The temperature is about 30°C. Some places are still very humid, but the main lowlands just outside Mandalay are enjoying many arid nights. The weather: Precipitation continues to decline and the drought is on the horizon throughout the whole state. The temperature is expected to stay around 30°C.

The bathing areas begin to reopen and the Ngapali beaches are open to all. The October is midseason and transition period, with auspicious weather and relatively few people. The weather: First-class weather is the beginning of the drying time. The temperature is more temperate with maximum mean temperature of 31°C. It is the beginning of the high tourism seasons with good travel facilities.

The weather: Drying is continuing, with lower temperature than in the preceding day. One of the coldest seasons, especially in the plateaus and spurs, with low temperature levels above 31°C. It is the best time of year for traveling around the whole year, with perfect facilities for outings. If you are in Myanmar, it is advisable to bring light clothes made of fabric and canvas, with high temperature and intensive tropic heating all year round at the favourite tourist sites.

On cooler evenings, especially in the cooler seasons, when the temperature in the Mandalay area can fall to 17°C, you should bring warm clothing. For the wet seasons a lightweight raincover is recommend. To find out when to leave, please see Best Times to Visits Myanmar. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 day; visits to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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