Burma Weather may

Burmese weather can

It can be dry in between or there are a few showers. You think the weather in Cambodia and Laos will improve in April (I mean not so hot and no rain)? Maybe it's cooler there. There may be floods and landslides. Before you travel, check local weather reports, especially in coastal areas.

Myanmar, May weather: Air-conditioning and travelling budgets

Myanmar in May: Travelling budgets & times. Plan your journey according to your sailing times. Outside the low, middle or high tourism saison of the target countries, the price of your flights, hotels or packages may differ according to your request in your area. (Our tariffs are calculated from West Europe).

This is what you can look forward to on May: on average: The weather in Burma (Myanmar) in May is a relatively poor traveler. Below our selected travel locations (see below) the mean temperature in May ranges between 25.5°C and 38.0°C, with extraordinary possible peak values of up to 18°C and 42°C as in years before.

Rainfall can vary more or less according to your travel destinations, the rainfall in Burma (Myanmar) in May is 220 mm on averages and you can have between 2 and 7 raindays. When you want to prevent rains, your favorite target could be Yangon (Rangoon). Please be aware that the difference in temperatures between the different areas of the land is small and the number of wet weather is the same throughout the state.

This year the climatic homogeneity of the land is rather high. Due to weather conditons our council for one of the best travel sites in Burma (Myanmar) is in May Yangon (Rangoon). You can click on the name of a town to learn more about it, to learn more about the climatic information and to see the weather outlooks.

In Burma, the year is divided into three seasons: At the end of May/beginning of June the rainy period begins with monsoons, the drought begins in November with lower temperature and then the temperature in February to May reverts to the highest annual temperature of up to over 40°C.

Usually the rains are strongest in Rangoon. The best period to spend a nice holiday in Burma is between November and February, after the monsoons, but before the warmstorms. If you are looking for colder weather after February, you can go to the mountain or the coastline.

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