Burma Weather in may

May Weather in Burma

South-West Monsoon begins in mid-May and reaches its peak from July to September. Myanmar in May, the weather in May: In May, temperatures only continue to rise in April, with even warmer conditions throughout the country. The rains at the beginning of the month are still there. One day the road may be flooded, but not for two or three days.

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May Myanmar weather....too warm? We will be in Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake) at the end of May. Are we going to be able to hire e-bikes around Bagan, or is it better to get a rental with AC? Also for Inle Lake, is the all-day sea trip still a good option or is it getting too warm to have?

Doing any counsel on how to deal it at this point of the year for those areas is much valued! May Myanmar weather....too warm? When you go back 2 pages, you will see that we just had this conversation (to go or not....too Hot in April?). Yes, far too warm to travel in Myanmar in April - and May.

In May the month of the monsoons starts and everyone will be happy to take a stroll in the first rains. You can still enjoy the full days Inle Sea trip, starting early, as it is usually very chilly until about 10 am (in winter). Simply take care of the hot weather - and worry about hiring a buggy or e-bike in Bagan when you get there.

May Myanmar weather....too warm? and we' re gonna make it through the warm. Concerning Inle Lakes, it doesn't seem to get as warm as Bagan and I could be expecting some sun. How is the weather in May for the pond, what temperatures so that I can really get packed?

May Myanmar weather....too warm? May Myanmar weather....too warm? Hmm - not sure if you need an air-conditioned motel - I've never been to Burma in the heats. It is probably below 20 degrees Celsius at dusk, because of the chilling effect of the mountain and the sea.

Can' t you forecast the weather? May Myanmar weather....too warm? May Myanmar weather....too warm?

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