Burma Weather in August

Weather in August

Looks like we'll be standing in front of a waterfall when it rains. The rains in July continue until August. Similar to July, you can expect heavy rainfall throughout the county in August. The month of August is the wettest and will rain and be overcast on most days. What is the best place to visit Thailand in August?

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Burma in August

Hello, I'm going to Myanmar in August. Is there any place I have to stay away due to weather condition? Hello, In August it is better to visit the western coastline (Mrauk U, Ngapali), the southern like Moulmein and Hpa An..... Bagan is the best area in August, with little rains.

In July I was in Mawlamyein, the rains were quite intense and I stayed at the motel for a few day. This is the season to go to Bagan because it is less warm and drier there than at other periods. Maybe you should concentrate on Mandalay, Bagan and similar locations.

Stay with Bagan, Mandalay and maybe Inole. That part of the land has less rains. The Bagan is like a wasteland. You can also do 3day/2/2night trekking in this season. What are the Bagan and Mandalay River options for August outings? Even if you ride a small ferry around l'Inle you will probably get quite soaked?

It was hard for me to make day excursions from Bagan, many of my vessels are not allowed for non-nationals. A 45-minute cruise from Mandalay to Mingun. Ship on Inle, don't you ever think of getting soaked in about 8 rides, no need to be alarmed, or are you speaking of rainy?

With Herbie, yes, I thought more about protecting myself from the rains (especially for my camera...) than dumping or spraying. Would you also suggest the cruises around Bagan or Mandalay?

Weather in Myanmar in August - Myanmar Tours

The weather in Myanmar in August is in the mid-rain period, which runs from May to September. Looks like we'll be in front of a cascade when it starts raining. Usually it is raining once in the mornings and once in the afternoons. Even though rain will fall towards the end of the months, you should be prepared for strong rainfalls everywhere in Burma.

Strands on the western and south coasts are still shut due to poor weather, traveling through large parts of the countryside can be inconceivable. Although the weather is not really good, but the scenery, temple, rice paddies and humans are still worth a look.

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