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Weather in Burma

Burma] Real time wind and weather map for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and sailing. Naypyidaw weather for today, Naypyidaw, Burma exact weather forecast for today. Weather in World Resorts - Burma (Myanmar). Surf-reports, surf forecasts and surf photos. Weather Forecast for Burma.

Kennedy Peak (Burma) Weather Forecast (2703m)

The following chart shows the weather forecast for Kennedy Peak (Burma) at a height of 2703 m. Our progressive weather model allows us to make clear weather predictions for several altitudes of Kennedy Peak (Burma). In order to see the weather forecast for the other altitudes, use the tabs above the chart.

To get a larger view of the weather, please see the weather map of Myanmar. NOTICE: Not all weather monitoring points are updated with the same frequencies, which is the cause why some sites display station information that is further away than known nearer ones. This also includes the transfer of vessel information when it is collected near Kennedy Peak (Burma) and within an reasonable timeframe.

Weather Forecasts and Conditions in Burma

There are three different times of the year in Burma. From October to February the temperature is 26°C (80°F) on medium. From March to May the weather is warm and moist, and the mean high temperature is 96°F (35°C). And lastly, June to September is the wet period, in which the mean values extend into the high 1980s.

Between June and early October, the south-west is hit by extreme rainfall in the Irrawaddy Delta. Northeastern monsoons prevail from December to April. Actual weather conditions: Which kind of government does Myanmar have? In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

Forecast Burma - 12 days weather

Forecast for Burma and the next 10 working day. Also known as Myanmar, Burma has a wealth of heritage. Myanmar has a rainforest moonshine. This is the warm drying period from March to April with mean temperature between 30°C and 35°C and the rainy period from May to October with mean temperature between 25°C and 30°C.

Burnham on Sea Weather Forecast - Met Office

Droughty, mostly clear sections during the day. It will be a beautiful afternoon with lots of sun. It' going to remain arid with clear sky above and it will be another hot and humid for many. But the clouds will rise from the north-west towards daybreak. A cloudy launch will soon lighten the sky for many.

The weather this weeks is mostly nice and arid and less than lately. On weekends it gets very warmer again, with the increased chances of some rainfall. Dried with clear magic over night. More cloudy in the north-west. It' a nice end to the days, then mostly with clear spell.

Overcast clouds and a little drizzly that spreads to the northwest areas over night. Widely arid with sunshine for many. Scotland and Northern Ireland are more cloudy, in Scotland it can be raining a little. Mostly nice and mostly arid weather this weeks, but the opportunity for a shower later. On weekends it gets very hot again.

Occasionally cloudy with some precipitation in the north-west. The next weekends will be mainly good and very hot. Most of us are likely to have some sunshine, but there will be some rains in the far north-west and a few downpours further southwest. Late Sunday and the following weeks the weather is likely to be more variable, airier and a little cool.

Shakes will become increasingly frequent in the southern hemisphere, some of which could be stormy. Ribbons of clouds, rains and strong wind should spread across the UK from the north-west and weaken as they move south-east. But there will still be much nice, sunshine and hot weather, the best of it probably in the southeastern part of the country.

The changing weather could last for a few more nights, with sporadic, perhaps stormy downpours in the southern and further rainfall in the northern and north-western parts. For many, the temperature during this time will be above mean, albeit nearer the mean in the NW and in more humid and windy weather.

Delicate, light and arid periods can recur at the end of the months and up to the beginning of August. Additional very warmer or more heated periods are possible, most likely in the southern hemisphere.

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