Burma vs Vietnam

Myanmar v Vietnam

It is good news that Vietnam and Myanmar (or Burma) are in Southeast Asia, so you can both visit on the same trip. I have travelled to all countries in the region except Vietnam and Burma. Comparison of Burma and Vietnam. Relations between Myanmar and Vietnam relate to the historical and current relations between Myanmar and Vietnam. When I go to Burma:

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I' ve got a chance to join the SEA next year and Burma and Vietnam both look great. I have a few issues for those of you who have been to both countries: 1st which is your preferred destination and why? Had you had about 20 working hours, would you go to both or would you advise to spend all your free stay in one?

Had you shared, how many nights would you be at everyone. Which were your favorite regions/places in each state? So what brings you to these lands anyway? I would definitely say you only have a little bit of countryside to live up to. But if you are the guy who can only stay a few nights in one place and check the box, then you can do parts of both in a hurricane as it is unlikely that you will come back to SEA soon.

Viet Nam has been open for years. Burma doesn't have a Hyatt or Sheraton, but Vietnam does. NEVER have you been to Southeast Asia, you have 20 working day, and you have no plan to come back, I would suggest doing both. Maybe you'd like to stay a few nights in the towns you're crossing.

Maybe you would rather "scratch the surface" to get a feeling for the world? Would you like to settle in one place and excavate a little more deeply to gain an understanding of a state? Since I have never been to SEA, it is difficult for me to decide.

And I think both of them have a captivating story and so much to see. My influence on one state is Burma, if only because it doesn't seem to be westernised, less visitors and less folks describe it as more like other states in SEA 30 years ago.

A few years ago I traveled for 5 months in South America and spent a whole months in each visiting land, and I made the 2-week travels to Europe to see as much as possible. It' s an easy choice to pick between both or one when you know you won't be back on SEA soon.

So I think about dividing my spare minute into two parts, but only spend it in a few places in each of them. By the way, in South America my favorite was Bolivia, then Peru. I' ve also been to Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Very often I traveled between these two lands and I would say I like both.

When you have 20 working nights, it's just as good to go and see them both. Viet Nam has a different perspective with many well-known sights and a good tourist industry. This are the well-known pages I would recommend you to go to in each country: You should choose this tour for 20 days:

So I wondered about Sapa in Vietnam? Would you rather Hoi An than Hanoi? - A seaside city with a mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japan. It is a UNESCO site and not far from My Son; another UNESCO site that you can see within an hours.

Select a land, remain there all the while and really see it. It makes no sense why go here and there all the while? It'?s difficult to say which is my preferred destination. but my voyage to Vietnam was in 2002, that to Burma in 2012.

Viet Nam could have made a lot of changes since I've been there. I' ve been in love with both of them. I would normally suggest seeing only one land. We' had about 20 working nights in each and every year. We' ve seen few places in any given land.

However, you can go to both of them, but you should choose some of them. Since we had only about 3 week time in each land, we went to the well-known places and did not traveled off the well-trodden paths. I heard Halong Bay was nice, but we had to call off our journey because my man was ill for a few nights.

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