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Why choose us? Do you think it's hard to get a visa to Burma? A tourist visa is for those who travel to Myanmar only for vacation, visit and tourist purposes. A tourist visa is only an entry visa.

The US is lifting further penalties against Myanmar to help reform.

After two years of government policy changes, the Obama government ruled that a visa banning order for former Burmese army leaders, their counterparts and immediate family members was no longer necessary, the State Department said in a declaration. "Since 2011, Burma's civilian-led government has taken important moves towards significant sociopolitical and economical changes that show significant advances in areas of concern," the declaration states.

However, the declaration added that the lifting of this prohibition does not mean that the persons he covers are automatic candidates for a Visa. Myanmar still requires all Myanmar residents to obtain Visas and formerly prohibited officers are under review, said officers. At the same time, President Barack Obama prolonged the National Emergencies Act, which forbids US companies and private persons from making investments in Myanmar or doing trade with personalities who have been part of the oppression of the democratic movements since the mid-1990s.

"Preoccupation with residual detainees, continuing conflicts and violations of people' s freedoms in areas with ethnical minorities and the country' s continuing armed relations with North Korea continues," Obama said in a recent Congress brief. Obama said that the US's aim of maintaining some penalties and progressively removing others is "to make sure that democracy's transformation becomes irrevocable.

Since 2011, the US's swift approach to Myanmar, in which Washington has repaid the policy reforms with the repeal of long-standing trade restrictions and the relaxation of the import embargo from the U.S., has come under fire from various people. Particularly worrying are the cultist conflicts between Buddhists and the Islamic minorities, which make up about 5 per cent of Myanmar's people, which have broken out several times since a quasi-civilian regime took office in March 2011 after five years of violent war.

Obama's National Emergencies Act reform for another year was described by Jennifer Quigley, president of the U.S. Campaign for Burma lobby group, as "the right decision" in the face of racial and violent seizure of property for capital spending purposes. "Burma's armed services and police are continuing to commit serious abuses of minority communities in Burma," she said in a declaration by the group's Washington HQ.

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