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I' ve been to the website of the British government and they give this link to apply for Myanmar visa online: http://evisa.moip.gov. The Myanmar Campaign UK is planning a new'dirty list' of criminals.

Viet Nam Visumf├╝hrer for British Holder of Passports

Visas to Vietnam from the United Kingdom. There is good tidings that there is a recent decision that if you come from the UK (or Germany, France, Spain or Italy) and go to Vietnam for 15 or less nights, you will no longer need a visas as of July 1, 2015.

You are exempt from this requirement until 30 June 2016, and you must have at least six months' eligibility on your card to use it. It is also noteworthy that if you plan to do more than one journey to Vietnam of 15 or less working day, you must exit at least 30 working day after the end of your last journey before you can re-enter without a permit.

If your first journey to Vietnam was on a Vietnamese passport, however, you can re-enter the country less than 30 working nights after your last one. When you are travelling for 16 or longer nights, you still need a student ID and this article will explain how to get one. However, the British Government points out that the surest way to obtain a Vietnam visas is to obtain one from the Vietnamese embassy before you leave.

You can request a visas at any moment within six month after your trip. For more information about Vietnam before you leave, read our Vietnam trip advice and visas. A simple entrance visas is the basic type of visas issued. When you are planning to leave Vietnam and then return, you must ensure that you are applying for a multientry visas.

You must do so before you leave the United Kingdom, as this will no longer be possible after you arrive in Vietnam. Identity card: Visas fee: If you do not collect your pass in person, enclose a self-addressed stamped self-adress. Shipping is not included, as the cost must be added to the cost of the visas.

We will send you a slip stating when your pass can be collected. Send all above mentioned documentation by Royal Mail Special Delivery to Embassy of Vietnam, 12-14 Victoria Road, London N8-55RD. Enclosed is a check or money order in GBP for the cost of visas and returns shipping, to be paid to the Embassy of Vietnam.

Enter your name, adress, telephone number and your ID number on the back of the check or money order. Via e-mail Specify whether you need an overnight delivery or next to it. Your e-mail must contain the reference "Visa application". It will take five working weeks from receipt of your job applications.

When you need your visas earlier, you can request an expedited or next-day visas, which will be issued in two business hours or one business year. Make sure your card is still in force for another six month from the date of your arrival, as you may be refused transportation or immigration without it.

As soon as you are in Vietnam, your accommodation will ask for your identity card at check-in, as all international guests must be physically present at their place of residence. They must verify the latest information with the FTS.

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