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Burmese Myanmar visa for British citizens. UK and Canadian passport holders require a tourist visa to enter Myanmar. More information for UK residents can be found at www.londonmyanmarembassy.com.

for more information on visa requirements. You may need to apply for a visa in some countries before you travel. When you apply for a visa to enter or stay in the UK, you can choose one of the tests to prove your English language skills.

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When you plan to visit Myanmar (Burma) on an official visit, you will need a Myanmar Visa from the Myanmar Embassy in London, UK. All-in-one visa solutions to obtain your visa quickly and simply. 2 completed'Myanmar Visa Applications' (available on page 2 of our package).

Letters of invitations from the Myanmar based business that invites you (may be a copy - please read our package to see what this document must contain). Copy of Myanmar's Myanmar Registry Document (the firm that invites you). Visas Department, Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar (this should contain a brief outline of the applicant's activities, the purposes of the visa application and the planned travel to and from Myanmar).

Multi-applicant: Be sure to present a copy of three earlier Myanmar travel visa in your current and/or former passport. Order your Myanmar Business Visa Submission Service now. They can remain in Myanmar for up to 10 week (70 days) from the date of arrival. The visa's expiry date varies depending on the visa and begins on the date of issuance of the visa.

They can only obtain a multi-pass visa if the visa holder can prove 3 earlier Myanmar visa entries in the applicant's present and/or elapsed passport. Myanmar Business Visa can be renewed within Myanmar.

Visas for entry to Southeast Asia

Also, please make sure that your visa is in force for at least 6 month from the date of your intended date of exit from Southeast Asia and that you have enough empty pages in your visa for all the visa you need. Most of the visa applications in Southeast Asia can be made on your return or at the frontier, but it is important that you verify the visa regulations of each of the countries you will visit with your nearest foreign diplomatic mission, consular office or a serious visa processing agency in order to obtain the latest visa information before you leave.

British nationals do not need a visa to travel to Vietnam for up to 15 consecutive visits. Visas are needed for a stay of 16 nights or longer and if you plan to come back to Vietnam within 30 nights of your last trip, you will also need a visa. For most other countries such as Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders and US citizens, a visa is needed to travel to Vietnam.

Travelers can opt for a 30-day one-way or multiple-entry visa at the closest Vietnamese consulate or the more comfortable way to do so. If you have a Southern Africa citizenship card, you must obtain a visa at the Vietnamese Consulate and transfer the stamp duty directly to the Consulate before traveling.

More information on the visa procedure for Vietnam can be found here. UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the United States of America can obtain a 30-day visa when travelling through Pochentong International Airport in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap International Airport and the Moc Bai (Vietnam) and Bavet (Cambodia) borders used for our group outings.

You must hand in a copy of your identity card and a photo at each of these entrances. At the moment the visa costs are $30 and we recommend to pay with accurate cash as changes are rare. You can also obtain a 30-day touristic visa before your stay at the Cambodian Ambassador in your home harbour, but the touristic visa agreed with the Cambodian Ambassador is effective for one months from the date of issuance, not for the date of your stay.

Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Southern Africans, Britons, Americans and most EU citizens do not need to apply for a visa when they enter Thailand for a period of up to 30 nights. Visitor may be asked to provide proof of sufficient funds (i.e. 10,000THB/USD400 per capita and 20,000THB/USD800 per family) for the length of their visit to Thailand.

UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern African and US nationals can obtain a 30-day traveler's visa upon arriving in Laos at key international airport and checkpoints such as Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, Luang Prabang International Airport and Friendship Bridge if they are from Thailand. You must hand in a visa request sheet (available on site) and two photo passports at each of these points of entrance.

Visa costs for the above mentioned countries are between USD 30 and USD 45. It' important that you have a completely blank (stamp-free) page in your card and that your card is still in use for at least 6 month from the date of your stay. The majority of travelers, among them Australian, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada pass holder, need a visa to visit Myanmar.

The e-visa is issued for 28 consecutive nights and allows a one-off entrance. Visas expire 90 day after they are issued, so make sure you do not request your visa too long in advance. No. The visa will expire 90 day after it is issued. You will need a written notice of invitations to submit your visa application. To receive this message, you must give us your full identity information when you confirm your reservation.

For more information, please see http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/HowToApply. tarx. A New Zealand, Canada or Southern Africa citizen can travel to Malaysia without a visa for a maximum of one stay of one and a half year. UK and Australia passportholders do not need a visa for a stay of up to three consecutive weeks. US citizens do not need a visa.

International travellers to Malaysia must have adequate financial resources (at least US$500) to meet their expenditures during their stay in the host countries, as well as repatriation and further-fl ow permits and the necessary documents for their next trip. Entering Malaysia requires a valid green-fluid immunization card if it arrives within six working nights of departure or transit through an area.

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