Burma Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Burmese Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The social visa concerns a spouse married to a citizen of Myanmar, his descendants and ancestors. Some passport holders are also eligible to apply for a visitor visa online, read more about visa requirements for Thailand and visa requirements for Thailand here. E- visas require entry via Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw airports. Hongkong, India, Vietnam, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN. However, there are some nations that allow the Indians to get the visa after landing.

Myanmar Visa for Indian Citizens ! need information - Myanmar Forum

I' m an Indian pass owner wishing to travel from Bombay to Bangok to Yangon, can I get a visa on the day of my stay if I comply with the above mentioned requirements (3 photographs, 300 US$ bar, completed documents, returns flights, accommodation booking)?

That' s right, come to Yangon International with all the information you need & get your VOA, no problem. Much of the group person not been asked to entertainment $300, but obviously most are deed to person that when they liquid body substance anyway. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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u.s. - Can I as an Indian national obtain a U.S. visa in Myanmar?

One time I asked the same questions from an US embassy, and the reply I got was (paraphrasing): While you can submit an application anywhere, an application in a different jurisdiction can influence your prospects of being successful. Jonathan Reetz' reply says the same thing. This is the reply I have written to point out something else: the way America does things is very different.

You" only" have to persuade the visa officers that you will not violate the conditions of the visa. No clear requirements to ensure your business will succeed, and you can never be sure how exactly they will make their decisions. There' is no rules like'You can submit an application in county T if you have a residency card for that county'.

Consular staff must not give you information that appears to help you to be successful with your job applications. All you have to do is give your own opinion as to whether the visa official considers your reasons for filing an interview in Myanmar satisfactory.

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