Burma Visa Requirements

Myanmar Visa Requirements

Entry and exit restrictions for Burma at the same border crossing point. Visa requirement for Burmese passport holders. Go to What types of materials support my Burma visa application? - If you are going to apply for a Burma visa, you will need a visa: Who wants to visit Burma (Union of Myanmar) needs a visa.


These pages describe the visa or immigration requirements of the Republic of Myanmar.

Visas on arrivals (or online visa, e-visa) will be issued at the point of entrance.

If you are arriving in Myanmar later, you will need a new permit.

On-line visa applicants only need to purchase once when applying with our system.

Viet Nam visa requirements for Myanmar people

Do Burmese nationals need a visa to enter Vietnam or not?

When you are travelling to Vietnam and are thinking about how to get a visa, there are two ways to get a visa.

There' s another way to get a visa, when you enter the country.

It is therefore the outcome of an agreement between ASEAN and Vietnam. What is the best way to get a Vietnam visa in Burma? You have two ways to get a Vietnam visa:

This way you must come directly to the Vietnamese Ambassador at least twice.

Click here to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

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