Burma Visa Price

Myanmar Visa Price

Single entry visa to Myanmar. Overview of visa fees. Go to How much does a visa cost? - When you request a visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate, you must pay a fee. This is the fee that applicants must pay in cash at the landing visa counter at the airport of arrival.

Myanmar Visa Fee

Visas must be paid by the applicant, up to and including the children with their own passports, after the submission of the request. You will be charged a different amount depending on the kind of visas you are applying for. For information on the costs of applying for a visas and other related charges, please consult this website: A normal tourist visas lasts 1-5 working day to obtain your 90 day valid visas.

Visas are accepted at airport and frontier crossings and are effective 28 nights from the date of entry. Fast tourist visa is the same as normal tourist visa, but quicker. You will need 1-2 working day to receive your visa approval letter. Commercial visa is only for professionals intending to travel to Myanmar for commercial purposes.

When you work (or need a work permit) in Myanmar, a business visa is only a option as the tourist visa may restrict your activities. You will need to provide us with supplementary documentation to obtain a business visa: Processing a business visa will take 1-7 working day to get the results within 3 working day, please note that there is an $10 surcharge. - Outcome-04 workinghrs.

Myanmar students' tuition for visas quadruples under Trump's revised'Muslim ban'.

As well as limiting the number of visitors from eight different states, EC Order 13780 also demands that visas between the United States and other states are" truly reciprocal" in respect of tariffs and period of application. According to this regulation, the costs of a 12-month Myanmar students in the United States will increase from $160 to $600 or from $640 to $2,400 during a four-year study programme from the 9th.

A number of Myanmar college graduates and their peers have argued against the rise in prices because it is an unjust strain on an already-fighting group. Viewers point out, however, that the embassy's openings do not take into consideration the fundamental disparities between the United States and Myanmar. It does not refer to the name of the law on which the increase in fees is based or the fact that it is the same law excluding all nations from entering the United States.

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