Burma Visa Price

Myanmar Visa Price

Request VISA for Australia. Burma starts worldwide hotel price comparison. The Mpt Internet Setting - Burma visa for Indians on arrival. South African visa fee is subject to change without notice. Upon entry into South Africa, a visa is considered a visitor's ID card.

Get a visa to Myanmar in Chiang Mai

This visa is issued 90-day from the date of issuance and allows you to be in Myanmar for 28 consecutive years. So that' s the annoyance - many travellers from Chiang Mai to Myanmar by road and usually only make reservations for coach trips when they have them.

Consulate won't approve this logic reason. There is something to be provided - either a coach fare to the Myanmar frontier (e.g. Mae Sot) or a plane from Myanmar. They have persuaded our guesthouse to give them a coach pass certificate so that they can copy and use the visa.

If you need a photocopy or a printout, the Consulate can do this for 5THB per page. Don't type jobless, you probably won't get a visa. You will receive an bill after a few moments and must immediately settle the visa. ON PERSONS OR eVISA? eVisa used to be the less appealing choice, as the costs of a personal visa (previously it was 800THB).

But now that the visa personally is 1600THB ($45USD), the eVisa is only $5USD more and is definitely the more comfortable option. No... Simply make sure you have a valid eVisa from one of the eligible states. When you' re on your way to Myanmar, take a look at this one-month household resource book!

They have been on a trip around the globe with their husbands Daniel for over two years and manage LVV Trave. You are a shared guide and backpacker and want to help backpacker tourists to make adventurous and sustainable journeys.


Since our Passport was still in our possession after the visit to the Embassy of India, we realized that we could request our Myanmar visa while the first step of the visa was being handled. Baisepati is located about 5 km from Thamel. For the first one we took a cab and a number of busses (and a good walk) to collect our passes when they were through.

Taxis' comfort has been compensated by the price (which is disproportionately high due to continuing nationwide petrol problems). Simply ask the natives, and give him plenty of free space - it took about 2 hrs, next to each other. This is the most important information for the ambassador's visit: The Nepali bankers do not offer US dollars without evidence of our journey from Nepal, and as we were on our way with Nepali busses, we had to go to a currency bureau.

Many are in Thamel, none near the message, and one in Patan (Patan Currency Exchanges, 27º40'19.27 N, 85º18'58'56 E), 2 km northern of the message. When she was changing currencies, the lady declined to give us dollars, but we insisted that we knew she had them and that we wanted to.

With all our papers and passes we went to Bhaktapur for a few day to get out of the mess of Kathmandu and pick them up a few day later.

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