Burma Visa Photo

Myanmar Visa Photo

I just clicked on the official e-Visa website & have problems. In addition, you must upload a passport photo to the online application. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Visa Photo. Now look for a sign on the right side with the inscription "Photos, copies, visas". There were no more questions after the first page with passport photo.

Photo e-visa request - Myanmar Forum

On the website you should be able to get the photo 4.8cm x 3.8cm. Can' t create a photo of any file name? We' ve got some prints in this format. Simply take pictures of yourself and resize them to the desired size....and yes, take them like a regular mugshot.

We' ve changed the size of the photo passports - try your pictures on the app - ours were initially declined as too big....so I just kept making changes until they were approved. The photo can be placed in the room until you have taken it correctly without sending in the job for it. This also shows the types of photographs that are not satisfactory.

Myanmar(Burma) passport and visa photos

They can be produced in any specifications, requirements or sizes - just e-mail us a photo and we will mail it to you! Order your Myanmar Visa, Myanmar Travel Card and your ID pictures on-line. Please submit a photo and use PayPal to make your payment using the order page on the links.

Don't be alarmed - if the photo you are sending us does not meet your requirements, we will e-mail you to ask for a new photo. All orders are shipped from our London studio within 24h. When you need a scaled-down image for an Myanmar on-line visa or a Myanmar travel document filing, please submit your photo using the Myanmar on-line order and billing process and we will scale it down for you and return it by e-mail.

When you are in London, you are welcome to come by our Camden High Street Studios and have your photo and your visa taken by an expert. When you really want to do your best for your Myanmar photo and visa, consider a marvellous one.

If you think we can help you with your Myanmar Pass, visa, ID and photo of your child, please do not hesistate to do so.

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