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The policy applies to both visa applicants and US citizens. ("surprise, surprise") or visa when applying online. Information on visa requirements for passport holders in Myanmar (Burma). Go to What types of materials support my Burma visa application? - All you will need to apply for a Burma visa:

Burma - Tourist E-Visa for Myanmar Highways | Visas24 London

Applying for a job: The site covers the UK e-Visa e-visa procedure for Myanmar. Use the online enquiry for a Myanmar E visa below. For a Myanmar Tourism Visa that is actually in your visa, click here. You can then make your payment online and place your order for immediate handling.

We will process your application within 3 working hours and you will get the formal e-visa by e-mail. Once you have received the confirmation mail, you can have your e-visa printed out and presented on your way to the Myanmar border/airport. eVisa Online System is currently only available for tourists for tourist purposes. eVisa is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue.

The duration of your visit is (28) from the day of your departure from Myanmar. eVisa is nonrefundable. In the case the person applying has child(s) under (7) years of age on the same pass, you must enter the name of the person, the date of his/her birthday, in the small part of the request document.

eVisa is currently only available to travelers wishing to travel to Myanmar. Guests must spend the night in listed accommodation, e.g. in a motel or guest house. eVisa is for only one record. A new visa is required for re-entry. eVisa does not allow you to travel into Myanmar via the port.

You have three different ways to apply for a visa. We will send your resume as soon as we have received it, so the chosen form of financing has no influence on the resume submission procedure. If you send the documents to us, you can enclose money with your job resume.

If you send us a check or money order, you can attach it to your request. Payment can be made by BACS wire remittance while your job is in progress. - You will be prohibited from working with or without fees, except for the occupations listed in this visa request.

  • It is prohibited for the person applying to enter the prohibited area without previous authorisation. - visa processing charges are non-refundable. - In an unsuccessful case where your resume is denied, no reasons will be given or can be applied for. Which kind of visa can I request online?

They can only request a touristic visa forĀ e-Visa. Travellers can access Myanmar with the e-visa-card. Is it possible to have my visa printed in black and white? I' m late and my e-visa has run out. Is it possible to modify the expiry date of my e-visa? There is no way we can modify the expiry date of your e-visa.

Will I have to request two visa applications within such a brief timeframe? Yes, you must request two eVisas. Every eVisa is unique to a particular record. I' m planning to go to Myanmar three month later, can I send my application now? Allowable visa is 90-day.

Can I obtain a tourist visa through Myanmar Ambassador if my eVisa request is rejected? Visas can be applied for at the Myanmar Consulate or online at eVisa. However, the guidelines for visa review are the same for all messages and online help.

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