Burma Visa on Arrival 2016

Burmese Visa upon arrival 2016

Now it is possible to obtain a 70-day business visa via Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) within 5 minutes of landing at Yangon, Mandalay & Naypyidaw International Airport. The Burmese government announced a program to facilitate investment in the country on June 1, 2012. The airport's capacity was increased to 6 million at the beginning of 2016, but this is still insufficient. November shows best trading performance in 2016. The SINGAPORE and Myanmar countries have agreed to lift visa requirements for each other's citizens from 1 December this year.

Burma Visa - Myanmar Visa

WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW TO APPLY FOR A VISA? Every visitor with a 6 month visa can request a Myanmar visa. As of January 11, 2016, there are 12 kinds of Myanmar visas and 3 kinds of Myanmar re-entry visas. The visa fee for tourist visas is 50 US$, 28 nights are permitted for those under the following conditions.

On arrival visas for business, workshop/seminar/meeting/research, crew and transit visas are approved by Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International airport and Nay Pyi Taw International airports. The request must be filed with the Residence Permits Department, Foreigners Department, No. 122, Ground Floor, Pansodan Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Visas allow a 10 week period, which can be extended up to 12 month on a case-by-case base. Visas allow a 28-day period of residence, which can be extended for a further 14 nights. Visas are issued upon arrival by agreement with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. Toddlers and grandchildren also need a special type of visas, even if they travel with their parents' passports.

Packet Tours Visas (EVT) will be made out by a travel company upon receipt of an invoice. Entrance by land is allowed for China citizens with passport and for those with tourist packages in Lwejie, Nam Kham, Muse, Kyukoke, Kunlong, Mailar along the Myanmar-China-frontier. Third-country visitors must be collected by their travel agents at the BIP.

If you are applying for a business visa/tourist visa/transit visas, please contact the Myanmar embassies in your country. The Myanmar Citizenship and Citizenship Licensing Office is the country's formal website for applying for a Myanmar visas. The eVisa Online System is currently only available to tourists for tourist purposes.

Before applying, you will need the following: c) You will need your Visa, Master or American Express card to pay $50. a) The eVisa authorisation is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue. Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. b ) The duration of your sojourn is ( (28) from the day of your day of your day of destination in Myanmar.

c) eVisa is nonrefundable. People under ( (7) years of age in the same pass must enter the child's name and date of origin in the small part of the visa request sheet. eVisa is currently only available to tourists wishing to enter Myanmar.

Please contact an embassy in your home state if you would like to submit an application for professional use, a meeting or a seminar. Guests must spend the night in listed guesthouses, pensions and resorts during their sojourn. Applicants should provide unique personally identifiable information, whether they are traveling on a full or partial basis. eVisa is available for a one-time only.

Reentry requires a new one. eVisa travelers are currently only allowed to travel to Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Aiport and Mandalay International Airport. We' ll announce more ports of arrival in due course. When you visit Myanmar on a ferry, please consult your travel operator for a pre-arrangement type on arrival.

It is not possible to travel to Myanmar with an e-visa. When you are not cleared, you can fly back on the same plane. Passportholders from the following states and Taiwan are entitled to request eVisa: For the following (32) states, you can request eVisas from 02.01.2015: You can send your application to the embassies of Myanmar in the country concerned.

There are Myanmar embassies on board that you can send in your applications. Entry visa request sheet. The visa section of the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar will give a brief explanation of the visa requirement, the purposes of the visa request and the planned date of your stay. All-inclusive travelers are asked to make a copy of the all-inclusive programme available.

Entry visas request forms. A copy of the foreigner's residency permits, visiting cards and letters of reference from the employers for foreigners working in China. To apply for a commercial entry it is necessary to receive an invoice from Myanmar and a reference from the relevant China firm.

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