Burma Visa London

Myanmar Visa London

University of London welcomes students from Burma. Visas for business and tourist visas. Will I need a visa to travel to Myanmar (Burma)? Getting a UK visa. Mr Farmaner is Director of the London-based Burma Campaign UK.

A few visa responses from the Myanmar Embassy London

At the bottom of this page, an answer I received a few nights ago from the embassy in London thought it might help others: If you are interested, you can request an entrance visa at our embassy in your country or with a representative. Or you can send it to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar, 19A, Charles Street, London, W1J 05DX.

Visas are available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on workdays. When you apply by mail, please make sure you use a safe or logged services and make a stamped self address packet (SAE) available for returning. In the event that you are not able to make the prepaid SEE available, please make sure that you pay a sufficient charge for the returned item (we recommend that you use the safest mail category to prevent accidental loss).

Please submit your originals pass (valid for at least 6 months), 3 new passports, 14.00 for tourists & 20.00 for Social & Singles Entering Visa (no coin if you apply by mail), check or money order to the Myanmar Embassy and the filled in form(s). If you are a traveler, you must submit 2 filled out claim form and 3 if you are a former Myanmar citizen or on a corporate outing.

When you apply for a business visa, please make an official notice of invitations from the company or ministry in Myanmar available for your stay. Once we have received all the filled out paperwork and cover notes, it will take 3 to 5 working day to complete your request for a visa.

Visas are granted for 3 month from the date of issuance and you can remain in Myanmar for up to 4 week from the date of your entry. Please ask at the front desk or at www.myanmarvisa.com. to receive the documents for your job applications. They can also request the visa at our embassy in India, Thailand BKK, Singapore or other countries.

Note-1: If you are an ex-Myanmar national, were originally or are a Myanmar resident as a partner or a Myanmar national, you must obtain a social visa (3 photographs and £20.00). Note-2: You may only access or exit Myanmar via an international airport in Myanmar (no land entry).

Note-3: Disclaimer: The Embassy accepts no liability for missing or late mail and other mailings. Note 4: The visa can be applied for on arrival and for further information please consult our embassy. For further questions please call 0044 (0)207 499 4340 ext and send it to the following address: 222/224/240 for Visa Section.

Yours sincerely, Myanmar Embassy London, 19A Charles Street, K1J 05DX,

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