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You can travel to Ireland on a visa. Candidate countries requiring a visa for Ireland, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. Immigration, exit and visa requirements for more information on visa requirements. UK and Irish citizens require a visa to enter Cambodia. I' m a dual national of Ireland and the USA, but I haven't used my Irish passport yet.

Country requiring a Irish Visas

If you wish to visit Ireland with a valid identity card or a valid identity card from one of the countries below, you will need an Ireland Citizenship Visas. These lists may be subject to changes from year to year. You can get a residence permit for Ireland. It'?s no guaranty you'll be let in the state.

Amendment: "Nationals of the United Arab Emirates no longer require a visa" Text added: "Nationals of Georgia and Ukraine must obtain a temporary residence permit in order to cross Ireland" page re-published.

Facts & Figures

Myanmar, also known as Burma and affectionately called "the Golden Land", is a land with a wealth of cultures and peoples. Yangon's Majestic Gilded Swedishagon Pagoda, the amazing Bagan ruined sanctuaries and the mysticism of Mandalay are just a few of the singular train numbers that receive enthusiastic critics and repeated visitors from those entering Myanmar's well-guarded boundaries.

Burma lies on the east shore of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea and its northerly boundaries extend to the Himalayas to the east. A third of Burma's coastal area is continuous and inaccessible. There are many who claim that the tourist industry can open the Burmese economy to the global economy and thus contribute to Burma's transformation towards democracy.

Myanmar has one of the low levels of tourism criminality in the rest of the country, so travelers can rest assured that their journey will be a smooth one. It' s only recently entered the global tourism industry, but Burma's pristine sandy shores, amazing historic sites, snow-capped hills and jungles are quickly becoming an irrepressible attraction for the enthusiastic traveler.

There are three distinct periods in Burma: the very warm summers from March to May, the damp and moist monsoons from May to October and the cool and arid winters from November to February. Taifun events in Burma sometimes take place between April and October. Myanmar's dialing code is +95. Output is 00 followed by the respective national prefix.

Yangon (Rangoon) has the prefix (1) and Mandalay (2). Cyber cafés are widespread in Mandalay and Yangon, and pay phones are located at almost every road edge, train station and airport, but calling abroad is high. Burma's army regimes closely control and monitor all use of the web in Burma and restrict web usage through software-based blocking that prevents individual use.

Multiple cafés can be opened, but it is very costly to get online, and it is forbidden to get online with most of the world' s email providers, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, although Gmail is now accessible. Valuable items such as jewelry, camera, electronic devices, etc. must be registered at the time of your flight.

Although Air Mandalay, Air Yangon and Bagan Air operate a good in-house air transport system, Myanmar Airways has a low standard of security for international air travel. From Yangon to Mandalay there are fast train services every day. The majority of cities, incl. Mandalay, use horse-drawn carriages and Trishaw's. Inland coach stations are Aung-Yadanar and Sawbwargyi-Gone, both about 16 km from Yangon city centre.

Riverside trips are another great way to explore Myanmar. In Myanmar, malaria and dengue fevers are widespread, especially during the wet seasons (May to October). Mandalay and Rangoon have primary health care institutions and for serious cases we recommend emergency assistance. As a rule, you must pay in bar before each procedure.

Travelers from areas with catarrhal rheumatism need a immunisation card to get into Myanmar. It is denominated'Chat', the Kyat (MMK). Myanmar's best money is the US dollar. Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) are a legitimate tourist money that can be used in state stores and hotel facilities.

There is no longer any need to change US$200 to FEC on your flight to Myanmar. It' s hard to pay American Express traveller's checks in certain towns like Mandalay, and even if it is possible, the commissions can be up to 10 cents. International travelers to Myanmar must be in possession of validated round-trip airfare and the necessary documents for their next trip to Myanmar.

You will also need a touristic visas which is 28 nights of age. Please be aware that even in Myanmar it is not possible to apply for a renewal; however, a penalty of $3 per person per day may be charged on entry. International travelers may only fly or sail to/from Myanmar and must exchange at least US$200 in domestic currencies upon arriving in the United States.

Please be aware that entry into Myanmar requires a vaccine against catarrhal yeast if you arrive within six working nights of your arrival or transit through an affected area. NOTICE: It is strongly advised that your card is valid for at least six month after the planned date of your arrival.

Migration officers often have different regulations than those applied by tourist agencies and government agencies. Travelers must be careful when traveling to and around Burma's frontier areas, especially on its Thai-frontier. However, Burma has one of the lower criminality levels in the rest of the country, making it a safer place to go.

Monsoons are in southwestern Burma from June to September and in the north-east from December to April, and floods can happen. In May 2008, a catastrophic hurricane struck Burma and killed tens of millions of people.

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