Burma Visa from Bangkok

Burmese Visa from Bangkok

Visa procedures in Bangkok are really simple. Myanmar VISA application can be started and collected on the same day. Now you can apply for a Myanmar visa online. Getting your myanmar visa in Bangkok. Myanmar embassy in Bangkok.

Bangkok Myanmar Visa: Getting it

Getting a Myanmar visas in Bangkok is amazingly easy when you know where to go. The Myanmar authorities started an offical website for obtaining a tourism visas on September 1, 2014. Your touristic visas can be applied for and paid via the website. At the time of the recruitment procedure, you must provide a photograph of yourself and evidence of your flight home address.

Visas cost $50. Please be advised that the permit will not be granted immediately - you will receive a permit notification by email within 5 working nights of your request, which you will submit to Myanmar Immigration on your return to Yangon and have your travel permit entered in your Myanmar travel itinerary. Also, please keep in mind that airlines' employees may not know the new on-line traveler visas and therefore are refusing to take your confirmation of your visas as evidence that you actually have a visas - which means that they may not let you on the airplane.

It' likely to be okay, but be advised that you need to clarify the visasituation. Getting a Myanmar Visas in Bangkok - UPDATE November 2012: It is open from 9:00-12:00 for visas. Visas can now be collected from 15:30-16:30. By the way, I found the folks at the message kind and snappy.

Instead of waiting for the opening of the message to receive the form, you get there early and then go down the road for 100 metres until you see a green label showing the copy store. You can have your pass and a few Bahts photocopied (I bought 12 for 3 copies).

Good thing is, they have air conditioning, and they have the shapes. That way you can get to your desk and fill out the form, put your ID cards on, etc. and be totally prepared when you get to the message - it is shit when you get the form and have to poo.

Heroes of Bangkok - How To Get A Myanmar Vista In Bangkok: I collected my Myanmar tourism visum today, where I'm going this Saturday. Obtaining a Myanmar in Bangkok is quite easy when you know how the embassy of Myanmar works. The Myanmar Tourism Permit takes two working day to be processed at the Embassy of Bangkok Myanmar and currently costs 810 Thai Baht.

There is an additional charge of about 300 Baht (I think) and you can pick up your visas the same date, provided you come in the mornings to request it. Myanmar Embassy is open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You only need to fill in the tourist visas (A4 format) and the arrival ticket (A5 format), attach a photograph to each ticket and then line up on the right-hand side to submit your pass and your ticket request documents and cover your travel expenses.

As of the date of the letter, the tourism visas are currently on the lefthand side of the counterside and the commercial visas are on the right side, so make sure you have a tourism visas. It is easy to fill in the touristic visas. You can reserve Myanmar Holidays with Agoda on-line - be advised that the large inflow of visitors to Myanmar since 2012 means that accommodations are scarce.

How much do I need for Myanmar for a detailed budgeting of a Burma-journey? You can submit your application within one hours, according to the waiting time. It' s wise not to get a Myanmar stay until the last moment - give yourself a few extra working nights before you go to Myanmar in case of trouble.

Please note that the Embassy will be closed on both Myanmar and Thai holidays - as with my application for a visas - which will postpone the pick up of your visas for another full year. The best pick-up of your visas is before 12.00 in the mornings. In the afternoons the embassy will officially pick you up at 3 p.m., NOT at 1 p.m. if the embassy opens again after midday.

You will stand around for at least half an hours if you are arriving at 1 p.m. to pick up your passport (as I have done) and wait until the officers have finished their work and choose to begin issuing the filled passports before 3 p.m.. Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok is at 132, Sathorn Nua Rd in Silom.

At Surasak railway terminal, take the third access. A gray barbed face is on the intersection of Sathorn and Thanon. That is the message of Myanmar. Go a few meters down the side street Thanon Pan and you will find the entry to the visa area of the Embassy of Myanmar.

During the embassy's midday break, Thailand Book Tower is located a few meters after the embassy of Myanmar along Sathorn Road, where there is a café and local papers.

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