Burma Visa for Indian Passport

Burmese Visa for Indian Passport

Indian citizens' visa requirements are administrative entry restrictions imposed by the authorities of other countries that apply to Indian citizens. As Canadians and Britons, we have just received our India visa in Yangon. More information can be found in this article: Their indispensable guide to obtaining an e-visa for India. Burmese visa application for meditation visa requirements for Indian passport holders.

Arrival Visa for India Pass - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

May I apply for a student ID on arrival at the Aiport? I would get a face-to-face from the KL embassy on the India pass, then less of a issue in my books or is there a issue getting a KL permit for India ID? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Accelerated handling of visas for Indians who want to go to Australia

Deputy Minister of Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke said that the on-line submission would" facilitate the process of obtaining Australian visitors' passports and eventually improve the visitors' experiences for them. Already, India's applicant can submit requests for family visits, students, temporary work, training, temporary employment, partners, marriage proposals, residence permits and ship's crew permits on-line.

"Indians who wish to come to Australia will soon be able to obtain a visitors' permit in a more comfortable and easily obtainable way," Mr. Hawke said. SBS Punjabi was informed by a DIBP spokesman that "applicants no longer have to spend long travelling to submit a handwritten application for a visitors' permit.

DIBP reports that there has been a significant increase in India's request for Australia's visa with Australia's growing favour. "The Department of Immigration and Border Protection issued more than 65,000 visitor visa applications for India citizens in the first four month of 2017 alone.

"On-line submission provides advantages such as 24/7 access, the possibility to pay the fee for the visas electronically and the possibility to verify the state of the on-line submissions via the ImmiAccountortal. "The possibility of checking the state of an on-line request as soon as it is completed will allow India's requestors to complete their preparations as soon as possible, in the certainty that they have first received the necessary visas for their sojourn.

" Asked by SBS Punjabi how long it can take to complete an electronic visitors visa, a DIBP spokesman replied: "The actual turnaround time for visitors' visa (tourist flow) is between 48hrs and more than 20d, subject to a number of drivers, among them peaking turnaround time at certain places and a general increase in the number of requests we have.

In addition, the spokesman reported some information on visas in India, for the past three years, they show a significant rise in the number of visas from India, year after year.

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