Burma Visa for Indian Passport

Burmese Visa for Indian Passport

Indian citizens' visa requirements are administrative entry restrictions imposed by the authorities of other countries that apply to Indian citizens. As Canadians and Britons, we have just received our India visa in Yangon. More information can be found in this article: Their indispensable guide to obtaining an e-visa for India. Burmese visa application for meditation visa requirements for Indian passport holders.

What is the best way to get a Myanmar visa in India? - Meyanmar message board

Hello everyone, I just want to exchange my experiences with obtaining a Myanmar tourism visa in India (as it was not so simple to get information about, especially for a non-Hindi speaker)! There were 2 of us: a Frenchman and an Indian. We' d heared about a touristic visa on our way here, but we had some doubt.....

As we both stayed in southern India, we were afraid to go to Delhi..... But it was not so simple to find a trustworthy one, and the services were costly. Visa was issued by the consulate in no more than 2 working day and passport was sent home safe!

Myanmar Visa for Indian Citizens ! need information - Myanmar Forum

I' m an indian passport owner wishing to travel from Bombay to Bangok to Yangon, can I get a visa on the day of my stay if I follow the above mentioned requirements (3 passport photographs, 300 US$ bar, completed documents, returns flights, accommodation booking)?

That' s right, come to Yangon International with all the information you need & get your VOA, no problem. Much of the group person not been asked to entertainment $300, but obviously most are deed to person that when they liquid body substance anyway. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Myanmar Passport Holders India Visa in the United States of America

ETA e-Visa India are dual entrance visa. If this is your first arrival in India and you present ETA to the immigration officer, an e-visa stamp will appear on your passport. You must enter India for the second time within 60 working day of that date. Up to 2 of them can be exhibited within one year.

For further travel, please contact your Indian embassy for a visa. Ex-Indian nationals who have been naturalised must present a copy of the cancelled waiver form or certificate of return to submit an application. or seaports: Travellers can, however, leave any of the Authorised ICPs in India.

A journalist visa is required for any journalist, writer, photographer, designer and those who work with India's medium.

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