Burma Visa Cost

Myanmar Visa Costs

What does a flight cost? Visa usually cost about fifty dollars and are valid for thirty days. Burma Visas - Myanmar Forum - Myanmar Forum For 5~10 vouchers per year (my Tanzania viz was only $100, Kenya was $50) $50 is certainly high. It will take the Japan Consulate up to 3 week to complete the form, you will need a lot of hard copies and it will cost $40. In a few years, I will have these annoying full-page labels on my pass, so I choose the E-visa.

It' s fun how few folks use the e-visa from Myanmar, my girlfriend just got back and saw a group of travellers who were all at the destination. When in London, then his simple pecasy journey bond st message (song: I am Burlington Bertie I climb at 6:30 lol) Ive in a few pays the 14+? return shipping around 5 nights. inexpensive and upbeat.

Even to the message with the London Embassy on online envelope and returning pre-paid record a coupling of time. 50 is too high should be about $25. $50 is not so much for the comfort of having it at home in 10 mins, if ur not near an Embassy or Asgulate.

Myanmar Visa and Charges

Burmese liveaboards go to and from Thailand, usually Phuket, Khao Lak or Ranong. As a rule, your safari operators will take care of the necessary immigration documents for you as long as you make available a copy of your passports. An entrance to the Mergui Islands is charged on the vessel, depending on the duration of the voyage, but is approximately US$ 150-250 per passenger.

You' ll need your pass plus 3 photocopies of the front of your pass and 3 photocopies of the Thailand immigration stamps page. Please be aware that the Mergui entrance fees are not a Myanmar visas charge. Diving and diving vessels are entering the Mergui area under a specific arrangement with the Myanmar government. However, if you already have a Myanmar immigration permit, you still need to purchase the entrance fees for Mergui.

Arrived in Myanmar's lakes, you will seldom leave the submersible, except perhaps for a barbecue on an abandoned shore or to go to a Moken town. Every safari cruiser is equipped with a "guide" provided by the local authorities to ensure that your cruiser only remains in the areas where it is intended for use. After your journey you cannot remain in Myanmar to resume your journey in Burma.

They have to return to Thailand and then return to Burma on the right type of visas. The majority of visitors can travel to Thailand and get a "entry on arrival" visas cachet. When arriving by plane, you will be given a postmark valid for a full 30-day listing. When arriving by land, you will only be stamped for 15 consecutive nights.

If you leave Thailand at Ranong Intigration to join Myanmar on your dive safari, you will be postmarked from Thailand and on re-entry after the dive safari you will receive a new 15 working hours individual cachet. Travellers who do not have a" on arrival" qualification or who are planning to remain in Thailand for more than 15 nights after their diving safari visit should obtain a multiple-entry visas from their Thai embassies in advanced.

At the moment (season 2013-14) the prices are 500 BHt entrance to the reserve plus 200 BHt per dive per year. Since your journey will start from Thailand, you can get here detailled Thailand tourist information. A number of lobby groups are still discouraging Burmese tourists, who are being heavily criticised internationally for their record on people.

Liveaboards in the Mergui Archipelago are a great example of sustainable travel and over the last 15 years we have seen how Kawthaung Victoria Point has seen the Burmese live better.

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