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Burma Visa Services in Canada: Canadian Visa Application Form. Request a visa for Myanmar from Canada. Canada, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel. It is the mission of the United States Embassy to represent the interests of the United States and to serve and protect US citizens in Canada.

Visa Information - Myanmar

Visa Application Centre (VAC) only provides general information and administration related to the application for short-term residence, which includes student and work permit, and long-stay visa for Canada. VAC is not authorised to supply information on requests for long-term residence and to answer requests from CSAs.

These include express entry for qualified migrants, assistance with on-line registration, Canada nationality and any information specifically related to your passport form, accompanying documentation or any guidance related to the procedure for applying for a permit. For more information on these programmes, please consult the Immigration, Refugees and Nationality website at www. immigration, refugees and citizenship.com. The CVAC is the sole agency for the Government of Canada authorized to receive requests for all types of residence permit (visitor's permit, student and work permits) and passport from Canada's permanent population in Burma, Myanmar.

The CVAC is entitled to perform administration assistance such as the debt recovery of visas, charges and the returning of passes in seal to the applicant. The CVAC can also help plan the interview process on assignment from the Canadian Visas Bureau. Decisions to grant or deny a permit are made exclusively by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Requests will be reviewed in accordance with Canadian entry regulations and policies. The CVAC has no part in or impact on the result of an interview and does not provide evaluation counselling.

Embassy of Canada, Myanmar (Burma) - Canadian Visa Services

Myanmar (Burma) citizens can request a work permit for Canada. Successfull candidates can work in Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. Myanmar (Burma) passport holders need a current Canada travel visas for a tourist or commercial trip. All Myanmar (Burma) students who wish to go to Canada must obtain a student visas before the course starts.

The Citizenship & Immigration Canada offers couples, business associates, kids, parents and relations of Myanmar nationals and resident Canadians the possibility to migrate from Myanmar (Burma) to Canada.

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