Burma Visa Bangkok

Burmese Visa Bangkok

In Bangkok, the process is simple: The address, phone number and email address of the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Rigid and James O'Neill with pilgrims in a Buddhist temple in northern Burma. The Burmese embassy in Bangkok. Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok is located near Surasak BTS station:

Idiot's Guide to Visa at the Myanmar Embassy Bangkok

Read the trailer The Banana Pancake Trail to Myanmar Starts This Monday, then the review, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Disney, Home, where the season was decided to flee Mongolia forever. However hard I try to follow the regulations, I still have problems with the visa.

So, obviously, I didn't want to let it be for Myanmar. Now that Myanmar has a visa that can be obtained on-line, please be aware before you spend your precious little extra hours on this. And if you like torturing or missing the detail, continue to see how the message of Myanmar in Bangkok has almost wrecked my journey and that of many others.

When you want a visa for the same date and are in Bangkok, drive through the Myanmar Consulate. You will then return in the afternoons at the specified hour to collect your inconspicuous Myanmar visa. First: The embassy is closing on Thai and Myanmar domestic public days.

On Friday, December 19, we came to go through this exhausting trial and were thrilled that there was no queue outside the message. Soon we found out because the message was shut. Since we thought we had to make an outward reservation to Myanmar, we had a reservation from Chiang Mai to Yangon on May 25.

We planned to go to Chiang Rai on Sunday the 21th (which was postponed until the 22nd) and from there to Myanmar. Rules #2: Apply for a visa only locally in your country of origin. When you travel to Myanmar via Chiang Mai, do it at the Chiang Mai outpost.

When you drive via Chiang Rai, you first drive to Chiang Rai and then go back to Chiang Mai or Bangkok to make the request. Rules #3: If you apply for an on-site visa, you do not believe it will be issued on the same date, even if you have not stumbled through number one.

Failure to comply with rule #2 may result in you missing your aircraft or your rail. We' re arriving at the consulate. We' ve already bought our visa and have to get back at 330 o'clock to collect it. Lunch is on the way to Chiang Mai at 7:00. Lunch is ready! We' ll go back to the message immediately and the line is even longer than in the mornings.

There are two lines: one for Thai and one for foreigner. First of all, Thai nationals get their passport. We' re not getting our passes back in good timeframe for the rail. There' s a Thai girl on the line. Approaching the same Thai woman, I tell her that I have my problem watching out for the furious masters.

I' ll show her my rail passes. After a few despairing looks I come closer to the Thai woman again. Thank you, madam! I' m out of the message! We' re on our way to Chiang Rai! Shit, I left Bangkok off the road. Ticktock, tinto, tinto. Ticktock, tinto, tinto.

Ticktock, tinto, tinto. We' re really gonna miss the boat after all this? When all hopes were gone, the cabbie took a fast manoeuvre and landed us directly at the railway/cab. To find out which of the trains belonged to us, we asked for our way and were accompanied on board.

Don't count on me unless you're an ass.

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