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Cruingyan refugees plead for Australia's approval to talk to EU | World Newspaper

One Rohingyan fugitive in Australia asks the GOA to give him a travelling documents that will allow him to address the EP about the prosecution of his population. The Habiburahman - who has only one name - came by ship from Myanmar, then known as Burma, to Australia in 2009.

However, he has lived for 18 years as a stateless fugitive and is currently unable to move from Australia. It pleads for the occasion to talk on the Rohingya people's behalf, which he says will be hushed up by Myanmar's junta governmen. Written with Sophie Ansel, the writer of his own D'Abord, Ils Ont Efface Notre Nom - First They Erased Our Name - describes his own lives and the persecutions of his population.

He has been asked by Marie Arena, the MEP from Belgium, to speak to the EP about the continuing harassment of the Rohingya tribe, and he will also be meeting with Amnesty International as well. Rohingya's indigenous population has been persecuted for generation by the Myanmar ruling armyjuntas. Since 1982 the Rohingya have been refused nationality, they were previously restricted to two offspring and are arbitrarily detained and interned in labor centres.

Myanmar's authorities refuse to use the word Rohingya: they regard the Rohingya as Bangladeshi people who live illegally in Myanmar. Last August, the army began a new round of violent attacks on the Rohingya in Rakhine's west state, setting fire to settlements and murdering civilians in what the UN called an "ethnic purge in a textbook" pogroms.

Over 680,000 Rohingya have escaped across Myanmar's frontier into Bangladesh. Last weeks further proofs of supposed civilian burials in Rohingya towns have appeared. After his arrival in Australia - the only land he has ever settled in and which respects the protection of the refugees treaty - he was recognized as a fugitive within a few month, but still lived in immigrant prisons throughout the state.

However, the sentencing means that instead of obtaining a protective permit, he did not pass the test of characters and was placed on a temporary permit, although there was no nationality recognizing him. He has been living in Melbourne for several years while his request for a protective permit is still outstanding.

He was initially denied his protective visas by the migration ministry because he had not passed the "character test" because of his previous convictions. However, Habiburahman's request for a protective permit is still open, and at the end of 2017 Habiburahman was said to be reconsulted by the division to reassess his right to cover, although he was already considered a fugitive and legal-protected.

Because of the terms of his present licence, he is not able to flee the Philippines or return to Australia if he does so. It' the same in Burma. Haviburahman has officially asked Australian migration officers - part of the new Interior Ministry - to give him travelling papers to go to Europe to publish his books and talk to the legislators.

Haviburahman sees his trip as a ministry for his own nation, both the Rohingya who still live in Myanmar and the diasporas who have escaped across the country's frontiers. When Habiburahman left Australia, he was apparently not let back in. "deportation until the expulsion of the applicant under the terms of the transitional period allows persons to be released from immigrant custody into the EU in cases where deportation from Australia is not feasible at that time".

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