Burma Visa Australia

Burmese Visa Australia

Many thanks for giving me my work visa to work in Australia. The Australians need a visa to travel to Myanmar (Burma). Before arriving Australian tourists need a visa. If you are in Asia or Australia, you will most likely receive an eVisa. Any Australian can apply for a tourist or business visa to Myanmar.

Get a visa to Myanmar (Burma) in Australia

My one year Working Holiday Visa in Australia ends on March 25, 2014. It' been an unbelievable year with many ups and downs, but although my days are over, I look forward to traveling again. It' all East Timor and the Philippines and Myanmar.

Since I have little free space due to my upcoming itineraries, I have chosen to remove Myanmar from the highscore. I' ve been hearing many rumors when it comes to getting a visa for Myanmar. My visa has been requested at the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar in Canberra (by mail).

I was worried that they said they had four (!) week to deal with the request. I and my great scheduling abilities had set off less than 3 week before a plane to Bangkok. She was incredibly nonchalantly involved in the entire recruitment procedure. that I shouldn't be worried about the shortage of material just to publish it as soon as possible.

I' m informed all I needed was; Sarah said that when you apply for a visa here in Australia there is no need to book any kind of travel or lodging, you just need to know the approximate time. I' ve reserved a plane from Sydney to Bangkok on 25.03.2014. I plan to stay the whole day in Bangkok before I fly to Yangoon (RGN).

I' m planning to stay a little more than 3 wks in Myanmar before leaving Mandaly (MDL) on 23.04.2014. Greetings, And to disperse the last rumor about the amount of elapsed for processing the visa. Took less than a whole weekend until I came back on 12.04.2014 with a brilliant new Burma visa.

Do not take this, as it only lasts 6 working nights to get a visa for Myanmar," I am sure I was just very happy.

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