Burma Visa Application Form

Myanmar Visa Application Form

Don't apply for your visa too early: The validity of the visa (i.e. your entry date in Myanmar) can be between one and three months. Naypyidaw Airport or Mandalay International Airport using the registration form and with company registration and invitation documents. You have to pay the reciprocity fee, also known as the visa fee.

Visumsgespräch: A copy of the duly completed entry visa application form, which must be completed and signed by the applicant. You only need to fill in the form and your passport with a validity of six months.

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Burma Visa, Canada: Canadian visa application for Burma

Burmese Myanmar tourist visa for Canadian nationals are issued electronically. We will send you your visa by e-mail and send you digitally copied of the following documents: This is a copy of your Canadian identity card. An easy-to-follow scanning of the information pages of your current, duly authorised ID card. Passporsfoto: must be added to your application form.

Travellers MUST use Myanmar in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay International Airport to obtain e-Visas. Otherwise, please use the Tourist Visa section.

Burma Myanmar visa on arriving from Burma? - The Burmese Forum

Burma Myanmar visa on arriving from Burma? Any foreigner planning to enter Myanmar should obtain a non-immigrant visa before travel. In order to request a visa, a current visa is required. Please feel free to use the application form for tourism, welfare and commercial visas. Authorized lists of Myanmar visa-issuing countries:

For those who just want to come to Myanmar without any other purpose, they should request a tourist or social visa (for ex-Myanmar nationals and their immediate family). Entry visa is applicable for exactly 4 week (28 days). Social visas can be extended for up to 3 month from the date of issuance at the immigration office in Yangon.

The tourist visa, however, cannot be extended. It takes at least 3 working day to process the visa. Anyone travelling to Myanmar for commercial and/or other reasons should request a commercial visa/entry visa. You have two different kinds of visas: One-entry visa and multiple-entry visa.

A Single Visa is available for up to 10 additional 10 additional week (70 days) from the date of your visa. A multiple-trip commercial visa can be issued from 6 month to a period not exceeding 1 year from the date of issuance. Such a visa should be applied for by those who are required to visit Myanmar for commercial purposes at least three a year.

The Myanmar trip is limited to 10 week (70 days) and can be prolonged. People in Myanmar who plan to be in Myanmar for less than 24hrs should request this visa. The visa is 24 hour and non-renewable.

Do you have a current pass that does not expire at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar? Request your visa upon arrival at the airport by receiving the application form from Myanmar airline companies or from the following website www.mip.gov. mm of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

Adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions. Undertake to adhere rigorously to the applicable Myanmar government legislation, regulations, procedures, orders and policies. Staying at those of Myanmar's government licensed properties, please provide the exact location where you will be staying.

Please inform the Immigration and National Registration Department of the location where he will be during the entire period of the trip. Departure to the land to which he has traveled if he is refused admission. Deal visa: They may not carry out work with or without fees, with the exception of the occupations listed in the visa application form.

Throughout the world, I need a visa: Evidence of the flight tickets to the place of arrival when he applies for a visa for travel in transit. and

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