Burma Visa Application

Myanmar Visa Application

N. Visas information and requirements. Official documents required to obtain a visa are:

Applying for Tourism & Visitor Visas

On line visas application DS-160, you will be asked to take a 2 x 2 inches colour photograph, no eyeglasses, on blank backgrounds, within the last 6 inches. "You' re gonna have to take your date confirmatory statement with you. Supplementary application for non-Burmese nationals (PDF 118 KB) If you are a non-Burmese nationals and are seeking a non-immigration or immigration permit, the supplementary application for members of the host families and professions is not necessary.

Incomplete/false application form will be returned and requires a new interviewer time. Supplementary documentation may be obtained to determine whether you are eligible, but this is at the official's sole discretion and is not always necessary in every case. Aim of your journey; All non-immigrant visas must have close communal, familial, professional and financial links with Burma.

You do not need an official notice of invitations or an affidavit to obtain a non-immigrant entry/visas. When deciding to take an invitational or affidavit to your job interview, please keep in mind that this is not one of the considerations we use when deciding whether to grant or refuse a non-immigrant tourism entry permit.

Don't let anyone send an invitational note or an affirmation in your name before the job meeting. In order to make an apointment for a NIV-inspection ( "Non-Immigrant Visa"), please contact the NIV-scheduling system of the embassy. You' ll need the bar code number on your DS-160 Citizen Application Form.

Before making an appointement, please read our instruction in Burmese (PDF 50 KB). You have a legal visas? Do you apply for the same type of visas? Eligibility for the Interviews Waiver Program. If you have any queries about your interviews or urgent travelling needs, especially if you are a student, please contact NIVAppointmentRangoon@state.gov.

Please hand in the DS-160 completion confirmatory questionnaire, the extra questionnaire, a 2 x 2 inches colour photograph, no eyeglasses, on clear backgrounds, taken within the last 6 month, and a current ID card one weeks before your interviewer date. Put all your papers in a file with your full name, date and date on the outside of the file to the sentry at the front of the embassy.

If you do not send in your form 1 weeks in advance, the date will be canceled. If you have any queries about your interviews or urgent travelling needs, especially if you are a student, please contact NIVAppointmentRangoon@state.gov. Candidates must prepay the non-immigrant ( "MRV") entry fees on the date of the job placement meeting.

Information on all tuition for visas can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Candidates should not be received more than 15 mins before the date. The Embassy is only open to those applying for visas with approved dates. These guidelines are valid for both US citizens and US citizens.

While you are interviewing for a visas, a local embassy or consulate official will check whether you are eligible for a visas and if so, which type of visas are suitable for your use. To qualify for the type of student visas you are seeking, you must prove that you comply with U.S. laws.

Inkless, digitally scanned fingerprints are performed as part of your job searches. You will usually be admitted during the job meeting, but this depends on the site. A number of visas need further administration, which will take extra hours after the questioning of the person applying for the visas by a local consulate official. Candidates will be informed of this request when applying.

The majority of administration matters are dealt with within 60 working hours after the meeting. I was refused a visas. In case your visas have been refused, you will find useful information about the ineligibilities and exceptions here. For more information on the refusal of visas, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When your visas are accepted, you can also choose to settle a mutual payment charge.

See the Myanmar Reciprocity Plan for extra charges and time. To do so, you must choose your visas category from the drop-down list. When you receive the visas, your passport/visa is available for collection every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 15.00 to 15.30 (excluding embassy holidays).

Your passports and visas can be collected by a friend/family member with a duly completed approval document and the colour chart.

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