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The trip offers the exciting highlights of the two exotic and fascinating countries Vietnam and Myanmar. Myanmar Tours: Best Price Guaranteed for Myanmar & Vietnam Travel. China's periphery - Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Tibet and Mongolia. Offering unique group tours and independent tours in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma.

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Myanmar-Vietnam relationships relate to the historic and present Myanmar-Vietnam relationships. They are both members of ASEAN and have had relationships between two states. Burma has an Embassy in Hanoi and a General consulate in H? Chí Minh City, while Vietnam keeps its consulate in Yangon. Myanmar's policy reform transformed the Myanmar policy environment and Vietnam became an proactive actor.

Whilst China, India and Thailand have remained in Myanmar as the country's main focus of investment, several Namibian firms such as Viettel and Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group have strengthened their operations in Myanmar. Vietnam is one of the top 5 phone investment firms in Myanmar[2], while Hoang Anh Gia Lai has become a major investment in Myanmar.

It may have voiced its grave concern about Vietnam's strong ties with Myanmar politically and economically; the former has a long history of historic animosity towards China and even waged a 1979 one.

Nam/Burma or Japan? - The Vietnam Message Board

Nam/Burma or Japan? But I don't know what a trip to Japan will be like for me when I get there..... Perhaps Japan is a better option for a two-week holiday? As I know, places like Burma and Vietnam (or East China) definitely need a whole months to see them. During my trip to SE all the times I was meeting folks (mainly girls) and we hung out and travelled for a whole weeks and then I got to meet a new guy and so on.....

What are the odds of that in Japan? Should I be expecting a trip on my own?

Myanmar against Vietnam. What would you choose?

I' d been planning to spend only a weekend in the area of Ragoon (Yangon) and 3 short days in Vietnam, but after I read a short introduction of Inle Lake, I start to think that I should give Burma some of the Vietnamese work. Inle Lake as interesting and uncommon as it may sound in the LP Guide?

I was in Vietnam: The HCMC (3), Mekong Delta (2), to/in Dalat with stopover at Dambri Falls on the way (2), Did someone book a holiday from Ragoon to Inle Lake, which was not by plane but by road, and if so, how much did it-costs? What was the journey from Ragoon to Lake Inle?

So I apologise in anticipation if this has been asked before, but I am leaving on Sunday, and have no more research times, so if it has already been replied to, please give me the URL.

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