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Connectors, sockets, adapters and other information for the trip from Vietnam to Myanmar/Burma on this page. Journey with the highlights of Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia. He will also make an additional stop in Burma. Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. A brief overview of China's relations with Burma and Vietnam.

Myanmar or Vietnam in January?

Myanmar or Vietnam in January? I have traveled to all but Vietnam and Burma. I' m discussing which of the two states I should go to. I' ve got a 12-day limit in the state. Viet Nam has always made an appeal, but I never came to see her. Viet Nam is a much more easily traveled destination than Burma.

But Vietnam is sounding like commercialised and maybe I can go there before it is "spoiled", or is the year 2016 just the same. I would rather be independent and take all the pictures myself (i.e. booking single rooms, airfares etc.). While I know Burma is growing at a fast rate, I wonder if I can actually reserve flights/hotels etc. on-line and avoid the need to negotiate with a regional tourist resourc.

I went to Hanoi (including an night in Halong Bay), Hue and HCMC (and the Cu Chi Tunnel as a daily excursion). Yangoon and Bagan are of particular interest in Burma. Doubtful that I would be returning to Burma, I am tempted to go to Mandalay and Inle Lake. I would like to be heard from those who have recently been to a foreign state.

They are very different nations and you have to make your choice on the basis of your interests. As Burma has only recently become more open to the public, some of a country's increasing pain has only recently opened up to tourists (they had to ban visiting some of Bagan's Buddhist monasteries because a group from France was sponsoring a dance and drink in one of the temples).

Yes, Burma is a little more complicated when it comes to travelling - you may need to call an airline to get your domestic flight, and according to your budget, making a reservation through a Burmese airline can help you reduce costs. It is possible to visit both destinations separately. You will need a pre-permission for both of them.

The VN has a longstanding system where you can obtain a permit via a foreign tourist office - good only for entering the country by plane. Myanmar now has a similar system, but only gets your consent through the government's website. There are also billions of independent tourist agents of the same name.

We' re getting more spam from these UN agency board than any other trading company. All you need to do is be conscious of these problems and they should not affect your trip. You have enough in Burma to see the big 4 - Yangon, Bagan, Inle, Mandalay. Myanmar is a place that is rewarding good preparations.

Actually, 2 are best to be visited, but Vietnam on Jan will have rains and moisture. You should go to Burma. This is a hyperlink to the Vietnam weather forecast. "http://www.selectiveasia. com/vietnam-holidays/weather/Januar - in contrast to what the preceding article suggested, Jan is a good season to spend most of the year.

Viet Nam has a well established travel/tourism structure that makes it easier to move around autonomously. Part of the land is "commercialized", but far less than Thailand. Many other places to go 12 day is not much used. It' very simple to go around the countryside on your own.

When you need to make a reservation (e.g. Halong or the Delta), this is easy, but since you are temporary, it would probably work best if you had reserved in advanced, at least for some places. I would go back to Vietnam any given given month of the year.

In January we went to both of those places. Viet Nam in 2003.....not very touristic at that time. I didn't think there was a barrel to see. I' ve loved Burma much better. I made a travel diary on this page, but we drove a few years ago.) Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay were all interesting and unforgettable places.

We' ve got Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Pwin oo Lwin - Kalaw - Inle Lake - Kalaw - Yangon with a rental car/driver/guide. I had a good run. I am willing to come to Burma at this hour, as Vietnam will be simpler to come to for most of the year.

More than a year-round target, I see Vietnam as Burma. GMT -8th century The turn is now 10:54 AM.

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