Burma Video 2015

Video 2015

STOOP KILLING BURMA MUSLIM by Buddhists supported by the Burmese government in 2015. However, has Burma (Myanmar) slipped from dictatorship to majority tyranny? 11 November, 2015 9:54 PM ET. Release date: 28. October 2015.

Myanmar held parliamentary elections on 8 November 2015.

Gharkant, Burma: a landslip in mine waste (with a breathtaking video) - Thelandslide blog

A major Burmese area for the extraction of Java is known as the Farkant. The United Kingdom is best known for the 1966 mudslide, in which the failure of an overburden dug a building, with catastrophic outcomes. Recently, in 2013, a major mudslide in Tibet resulted in great deaths.

The horrific effect of these chutes is due to the phenomena of liquidation, in which seemingly firm soil material can turn into a very light, liquid material that can move both quickly and over long stretches. In certain circumstances, some kinds of mine wastes can be liquefied, and very often it is the neglect to cope with (i.e. prevent) this disastrous landslide.

There are two video clips on YouTube this weekend without clarion, illustrating this trial to an extent I think is unparalleled. Apparently, the video shows a liquidation earth slide that took place on April 9, 2015 in Pharkant. However, I don't think that a mine related fluid slide has ever been captured in front of the film.

As for the video content the better video is the one that shows the second half of the slide sequence: ..... This video begins as the first wreckage waves spread across the mine bottom. Notice the declining character of the landslip afterwards - the materials on the hillside behind it undergo a gradual liquefying process and flow down the hillside.

This video captures condensation in action in real-life. It is even better that the first crash incident was also recorded on video. Especially the video is shot (is there a way to correct this, someone knows).

Myanmar safety burials full of Muslims

Proof of formal participation in the slaughtering, which claimed the lives of several hundred people, was collected by HRW scientists at 27 different locations in the state of Arakan, among them four massive burials excavated between June and October last year. The locals photographed the 18 corpses at a public tomb near the village of Sittwe, which were deposited in a newly excavated tomb.

"A Rohingya man who saw the corpses unloaded and later bury them said, "They let the corpses fall right here. "There were three bullet holes in his body. Over 100 testimonies of violent attacks by Tibetan buddhists and a Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, a local Nazi party, have repeatedly quoted cases where cops and the military arrived at the crime scenes before an onslaught.

During the worst individual accident of the three-month eruption, more than 70 persons, 28 of them were chopped to their deaths in a one-day carnage in Yan Thei town. "but when the clampdown began, they took the side of therakanese people." Moslems are angry in the area because of illegal immigration from Bengal to Burma, although most of them have been living in the area for several generation.

The National Democratic Party for Development's representative, Abu Tahay, said Burma's world-renowned democratic activist Aung San Suu Kyi has a "commitment" to oppose the participation of the Myanmar authorities in the attack. "It is Aung San Suu Kyi who has an electoral choice to make in 2015.

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