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My fellow Burma Muslims Massacre 2012 - got tears in my eyes when I saw this video. Cover: Handmade films -- Burma section (video). From Lawi Weng August 8, 2012. SoilTruth: A Changing Climate for Reporting in Burma (VIDEO). 29.

October 2012 - 10:15 o'clock UTC.

Tribute Min Ko Naing's 88 Uprising Video

The 88 Generation student group director Min Ko Naing gives a video address on the occasion of the nationwide uprising's centenary. During our rally we were hit by the pistols and truncheons on the street," said Min Ko Naing, a 88 Generation student group leader, in a video address on the occasion of the 24-year jubilee of the People' s Revolt.

A 26-year-old seminarian at Rangoon Arts and Science University during the August 8, 1988 rally, Min Kon Naing was a zoologist scholar. During a programme, Min Ko Naing recalled the happenings of this destiny in order to show the present changes in politics and the prospect of reconciling nations. Celebrating the 88th anniversaries of the insurrection was celebrated in Mandalay, Burma's second largest town, where Min Ko Naing and other 88 Generation students' heads join forces with literally a hundred democratic militants.

On Tuesday, Aung Min visited Mandalay to meet group leader and said his trip was carried out with the benediction of President Thein Sein. 88 Generation undergraduates saw the gift as a gesture of contributions to promote nationwide conciliation in appreciation of their work. "There is a great transformation of politics in our land.

It is the local populace that is the answer," said Min Ko Naing. "We want our citizens to recall that there is a process of policy transformation because of them. "With regard to the process of reconciling nations, the US Chairman said he wanted an all-encompassing policy. They said there should be no such thing as a prisoner of conscience. Commenting on the lives of the plant employees, Min Ko Naing said: "When we look at our nurses who work in textiles plants, they are suffering from poor living conditions and a poor schooling.

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In addition, he works on "State Faulture in South Asia", in particular on the stable unstability graph, and tests the hypothesis of cyclical failures and functionally anarchic. In addition, he is an associate of the Pakistan Study Research Unit (PSRU), University of Bradford, and was a visiting professor at the Pakistan Studies Programme, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

P.R. Chari is a visiting professor, IPCS. A former member of the Indian administration service, he has held various executive posts in the federal and state government.

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