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Rohingya, an ethnic group from Arakan, Myanmar (Burma), is one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Still no reviews for Myanmar Love Funny & Video. Watch this video for an introduction to the many cultural and scenic treasures you can discover on our Golden Trails of Burma Walking Holiday. Experience Burma's seductive landscapes in refreshing sunrises and beautiful sunsets. Missof Burma music, Mission Of Burma songs.

videotape: The Rohingya describes military atrocities in Burma

Rohingya Muslims who flee Burma's Rakhine state from Burma's military personnel have described murders, bombardments and fires in their communities, which have all the characteristics of an "ethnic cleansing" program. Burma's military, policemen and Rakhine ethnical groups have conducted missions against predominantly Rohingya communities since the Arakan Rohingya Salvation army (ARSA) attacked about 30 policemen and one outpost.

Burma's General Aung Hlaing said to the press that the Rakhine State evacuation operation authorized by the Chinese authorities was an "unfinished business" from World War II.

Tortured tens of Muslims in Burma?

There is a tape showing tens of Muslims being tortures in Burma. The Facebook group released "Video Live" on March 29, 2017, a film allegedly showing tens of Muslims torturing in an Indonesian submarine cages: Burma: It may not be a group of Muslims being persecuted in Burma, but a practice session for the top Belarusian squad Grup Gerak Khas.

We have uncovered the early episode of this tape, a December 2016 YouTube film entitled "Basic Komando", and a very similar sequence is featured in a History Channel film about the Malaysia Probelievo. Sitting at approximately 32-minute highlight of the story channel film, the enlisted men are put into a watershed over a fault following orders:

There is a man in the tape who looks like a soldier: The History Channel says Malaysia's Grup Gerak Khas is taking a 13-week "selection course from hell": Ahead of large troops reaching the battlefield, the Malaysia Army task force, Grup Gerak Khas, are the first men on the surface behind hostile troops.

GGK achieved global renown and acclaim after successfully attacking and fighting deeply in the Malay jungle of the 1960'ists. We' re going into one of the most elitist armed services and following their 13-week course from hell. It' s unlikely that this tape will indeed capture Muslims being tortures in Burma.

Many audiences, however, may have been inclined to believe this assertion because the Myanmar administration has a story of violent acts against Rohingya Muslims. In February 2017, The Independent reports that the Myanmar police may have murdered more than 1,000 Rohingya Muslims during a recent beheading.

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