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Whole villages are being burnt down in the ongoing conflict in Burma. Presentation of the highlights of Burma (Myanmar) and how best to spend your time in this fascinating country. The Entrenched Abuse videos will be shown: A covert investigation into slave labor in Burma. Swedagon Pagoda is the holiest place in Burma.

Burma Video Screenings

Represenative Joseph Pitts (R-PA) held a demonstration of the video Enttrenched Abuse in the U.S. Congress: Burmese Forced Labor and No Place to Go: IDPs in Burma, made by OSI grant WITNESS. The WITNESS Program Manager Sam Gregory presented the video and Outreach Coordinator Matisse Bustos was also present.

The U.S. Committee for Refugees' Veronika Martin and the U.S. Campaign for Burma's Aung Din were present to debate the present state of affairs in Burma.

The Rohingya tell horror stories of rapes, murders by the Myanmar army.

Burma's army has carried out arson, assassination and sexual assault campaigns against the Rohingya people, which has endangered the life of many. After the Rohingya fighters attacked Regierungsgrenzschutzposten in Rakhine State on October 9, 2016, Burma's police have caused terrible assaults during surgeries against alleged fighters of the Rohingya people, according to reports from fleeing the recent outbreak.

Burma's failures to stop the Rohingya attacks and bring those in charge to justice require an impartial investigation involving the United Nations, Human Rights Watch said.

Myanmar News, Video and Gossip

An Associated Press review on the Rohingya refugees crises highlights in appalling detail the methodological and nightmare sex abuse of Rohingya woman in Rakhine in Myanmar. Burma is conducting its first more or less free elections in decade-long, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and head of the Myanmar administration Nobel Aung San Suu Kyi is well on her way to being voted into office by a coup d'├ętat.

One of Burma's queens was robbed of her Miss Asia Pacific World degree after officers in Seoul found her "rude" because she didn't want the cosmetic surgeries they wanted to impose on her. More and more curious, the feminine goose has a similar corkscrew-shaped vulva - only in the opposite one.

Padaung, Myanmar woman known for her long neck, is a favorite touristic destination - and some say they are essentially enslaved: Burma's pro-democracy activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was today indicted for breaching the conditions of her home detention after an US citizen sneaked into her home without an invitation.

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