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Here you will find all packages of Myanmar. Here you will find a selection of Myanmar travel packages and holiday trips. Myanmar (Burma) is a private package tour selected by ourselves from our real-life travel experiences across the country. Burma, formerly known as Burma, is the land of golden pagodas and mysterious ancient architecture. Myanmar Luxury Holidays & Honeymoon.

Burma Tour, Holiday & Travel Packages - 2018/19

The Sule Pagoda in the liveliest part of Yangon is another town. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is once banned from even catching a peek from the outside. Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town and former capitol, is home to half of the country's population.

Mandalay Hill dominates the town. You will be awarded with a Myanmar holiday not only by the views, but also by all the interesting sites and monasteries. With its old town walls, the Royal Palace is definitely a worthwhile place to be. The Bagan has the world's biggest and most dense collection of buddhistic shrines, palagodas and shrines from the eleventh century.

The countryside can be observed in Inle Lake. Cruise on the lakeside and see the fishermen's village and lifestyle. On a Myanmar excursion, we recommend a detour to the unspoilt holiday town of Ngapali. In this sense we have put together an easily navigable section of information for a Myanmar holiday.

Find out more about Myanmar's heritage and heritage, eating and drinking, and what to pack in your bag. Myanmar is the only way to find out more is to go on the trip and discover Myanmar for yourself. Begin your exploration trip.... today you can still reserve one of our Myanmar-trips! You should take your free moment to explore other places after your Myanmar trip.

Myanmar Travel Packages

Choose pre-built Burma tours packages of 3-20 nights and include places of interest such as Yangon, Pagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and others. The 3-day Yangon trip is especially recommendable for first-time guests who would like to take a look at Myanmar, especially Yangon. It is possible to extend your holiday after the trip.

The Myanmar trip will take you to the heart of Burma. You will not only see Yangon, but also the old cities of Thanlyin and Bago, the old capital of Mon, close by. The Myanmar Hilights route around Myanmar gives you the most complete overview of Myanmar, including Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.

The Burma Heritage Tours take you to the most important Myanmar culture spots within 6 day to Yangon (the capital), Pagan (land of a thousand couples, Mandalay (cultural city) and Inle Lake (local swimming village). On this Burma trip you will visit the historic relicts of Myanmar with a boating trip to Mingun bell, known as the biggest jingling bells in the whole wide globe, next to visiting Yangon, Pagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

The programme offers some of Myanmar's cultural attractions such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay & Inle. It is one of the most thrilling Burma tours in Myanmar. Not only can you experience the picturesque landscape of Myanmar, but you can also get to know the locals in secluded areas.

Travelers entering Myanmar via Thachileik and continuing their journey via Yangon and leaving the Philippines require a visa. The programme will have the chance to see the most important cultural and natural places in Myanmar. As well as visiting all the main tourist attractions in Myanmar, you can also explore the famed cities of Pakokku and Monywa.

Discover Burma for 2 week with visits to Yangon, Bago, Pyay, Pagan, Salay, Mt. Popa, Mandalay, Sagaing, Monywa, Mingun, Inle Lake, Pindaya and Heho. The name of the Golden Land leads you around Burma from root to tip via Yangon, Heho, Pindaya, Inle, Kyaing Tong, Loimwe, Mandalay, Mingun, Amarapura, Bagan and last ly your most relaxing with great mass.

It is an extended Burma trip that includes not only the favorite tourist attractions but also the most secluded places unspoilt by local tourist attractions. Starting from every gate like Yangon, Pagan and Mandalay, you will discover the interesting surroundings, which are not often frequented by people. After this Myanmar trip, you' ll be relaxing on a recently opened Myanmar coast, Chaungtha Bay, just 6 hrs from Yangon by car.

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