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Myanmar Vacation

We' re delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to join Karin Hellaby on our first textile holiday in magical Burma (now known as Myanmar). Vacation in Myanmar You can see Burma's old-fashioned way of living on the water from the top of a ship, which has been largely unaltered for centururies. In Yangon and Mandalay, you' ll find the renowned Bagan temple. Can it be considered secure and ethically sound to go to Burma (Myanmar)? So how secure and ethically sound is it to go to Burma now?

Our Southeast Asian leader gives a fair assessment of what is happening in the region and why we still believe a visit to Burma is the right thing to do. Explore remote places, meet locals, see breathtaking scenery or challenge yourself - a hiking holiday in Burma (Myanmar) gives you a whole different view of the surrounding countryside that just can't be reached by car.

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Up until recently, the lovely land of Myanmar (Burma) was a once-in-a-lifetime tourist destination, but, boys, we are happy that we hikers are now able to do so. A 12-day getaway in Myanmar offers all fearless hikers a wealth of pleasures. We will inspire you with a personal Ayeyarwady boat trip at dusk and a scenic bicycle tour through the glittering Bagan waters.

We will also take a cordial walk through the Kalaw tropic hill, dine on the mythical BBQ Street in Yangon and be blinded by enough gold shrines to compete with Michael Phelps' rally. Climb aboard a dusk catamaran on Ayeyarwady River and dine your way along Yangon's BBQ Street. Upon your return to this magnificent land you will be picked up by car with a personal shuttle to Yangon.

While twilight draws the skies in stripes of red and white crayfish, you walk through the mythical panorama and admire the holy site, which was erected about 2,500 years ago. When you return to the guesthouse in the afternoons, it is good to take a walk around the Kandawgyi Lake and its quiet garden.

At nightfall, we will be enjoying the colorful mess on the busy Yangon streets and looking for old-fashioned eating in China Town's famous BBQ st. It is a heaven full of old-timers, monasteries, churches and palaces that contrast with the verdant bush. This temple was constructed by the Monarchs of Bagan in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, many of which were survivors of seismic and Mongolian invasion, to become the archeological wonder that they are today.

Tonight you will watch another sundown as we descend the Ayeyarwady River on a mesmerizing personal boating outing. Burma is a country with the fastest way to get around. Burma has no such thing as its infrastructures, so it's best to anticipate a delay and consider it a pleasant little bit of a pleasant coincidence when a plane takes off on schedule.

Note that itineraries, activity and hotel may vary. We may also make changes to your route from year to year to try out new things and keep things up.

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