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Explore the faded splendour of Burma's historic palaces, stumble across abandoned temples before hiking to remote mountain villages. Schedule your holiday and travel to Bagan, Myanmar Inle Lake, Burma. You can book your Myanmar (Burma) holiday home online. Plan your holiday in Myanmar (Burma),? Find out what to do in Myanmar (Burma), where to stay and what to eat.

Burmese attractions. Myanmar Tourism and Routes

Little is known about Burma..... Burma is the biggest land on the continent of Southeast Asia, its streets are impoverished and the Chinese authorities prohibit travel in many areas, so domestic air travel is necessary to make progress in the countryside. North Burma is more populous; few people are currently exploring the southern part.

These are three of our top routes that include our most popular Burma attractions. Burma's former capitol is a marvelous inauguration to the land, and it still retains the pulsating culture and history of the city, with lively marketplaces and the marvelous Shwedagon Pagoda, as well as Chinatown, Indiatown â" and hairy Buddha Gautama.

There is a nice, round train that will take you through the outskirts and surrounding towns to experience Burma's lives up close, but take the opportunity to just wander around and enjoy the ambiance. A lot of the old Mandalay was ruined in World War II, but a stroll on Mandalay Hill â" escorted by a pilgrimage â" shows a spread of glittering Stupa, Mosaic and Gaze.

Ride a carriage and horses to experience the goldfields and the 2,000-year-old Buddha. In Pyin U Lwin there is much to freshen up â" among other things the luxuriant botanic garden and the near water falls, as well as the 1,200 meters of height that the heat-hostile British, who had a mountain stop here, liked.

It is a city from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, full of mansions, horse and cart that will take you back in history. If you want a real get-away feeling, take the Goitek viaduct by rail and pass small towns full of merchants. These are Burma's classical postcards â" thousand of shrines and palagodas overlooking the fog and fog that stretch into the sky.

You can explore Bagan by car and carriage or by bicycle â" a good opportunity to ride off-road and explore secluded places. Mount Popa, home to gods and ghosts, draws many travellers and you can go with them on the 777 stairs to the sanctuary on the summit.

High on a mountain crest with a view of a sea, the tunnel and chamber of the Pindaya Caves - known as the Golden Caves - are full of some 8,000 Buddha-paintings. They are accompanied by native hikers who hike across the Shan Plateau to show their respect and practice meditation. This hike leads through the mountain people's village, which only a few people see; if you are fortunate, you can be treated to a cup of coffee.

You will find stilts houses, swimming greengardens and marketplaces, and the infamous âleg rowersâ who wind a foot around the paddles and leave their arms free to throw their net. Explore colourfully clad mountain people, the Shwe Yan Pyay monasteries and mountain peaks, silversmiths, cigar rollers and weavers, discover rural towns, scenic hilly areas, the temple of legenaing and gilded stupas. Come and see for yourself!

There are numerous hiking trails and walks through the Palaung, Danu and Pa-O plantation and small towns in the area. The Kyaukme has all-day walks through the mountains and isolated Palaung towns â" the journey begins with the coach journey here â" collecting bags of rices and veggies as well as people.

Burmaâ??s biggest convent, the Kha Khat Wain, is located in Bago, the former Mon Kingdomcapital. It is a brief, abrupt ride to the famed Gold (or Hanging) Rock at Kyaiktiyo â" a place of Buddhism harbor. There' s a gold coupe on top. On the Thanlwin River to Hpa An and discover the nearby karst lime with its galleries and caverns on horseback and by tramp.

Formerly the capitol of a small kingdom that extended as far as Bangladesh, the tranquil city of Mrauk U now contains the remnants of three empires, among them the decaying remnants of the royal palace. Look for a mock-up of Mrauk U at the Archaeology Museum or take a tour of the nearby secluded Chin towns to explore ancient civilizations - such as the boathouse, the Moken lake locals - as well as unspoilt shores, unspoilt forests and amazing snorkeling over blossoming coves.

Chindwin is a long stream that runs through the secluded inner Burma. Several days of riverside trips show the 947 Po Win Taung Caverns, full of frescoed mural paintings, sparsely frequented markets, secluded couples and rural outskirts. Burma's enchanting, rural seaside resorts are lined with powder-white sands, blue oceans and just a few small cottages and delicious sea-food huts reserved for a fistful of wealthy tourist who have the 3.5 km long sandy beaches to themselves.

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