Burma Trip Itinerary

Myanmar Itinerary

This is the next stage of the trip: An idea for your Myanmar trip! Myanmar, James & Mark have made their ideal journey to the'Golden Land' with their. Individually designed itinerary to Burma (Myanmar), designed by local experts from Pierre. Phuket, Lveaboard Phuket, MV Deep Andaman liveaboards in Similan Island and Burma.

Burma 9 Day - Please help with the itinerary - Myanmar Forum

I and my fiancée are planning to go to Burma in October 2013 for 9 nights. If anyone who has travelled in Burma can help fill the blanks and recommend a coarse itinerary and cost (if possible), we would like, if possible, to see Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay (can jump over something better if necessary).

Bus, car, boat can be added to the trip via boat method, flight can be added if the flight is too busy. 8)MDY ( Sagain,Inwa,Amarapura etc. 16.)YGN to THAILAND. 8)MDY ( Sagain,Inwa,Amarapura etc. 16.)YGN to THAILAND. 8)MDY ( Sagain,Inwa,Amarapura etc. 16.)YGN to THAILAND. 8)MDY ( Sagain,Inwa,Amarapura etc. 16.)YGN to THAILAND. Hello, I have just come back from 6 nights in Burma.

Including our itinerary: Yangon 2 day, Bagan 2 day and Mandalay 2 day. Our group agreed that we could have done without the Mandalay sector and should have gone to Inle Lake instead. After flying between Yangon and Bagan, we made reservations at Oway.com. mm and had no problem.

We were waiting for our Bagan Mandalay sector and were comfortably amazed by the coach. All that we were reading indicated that the journey took 7 hrs, but it only took 4 hrs (and in an Air-Con bus!). From and to Burma (from Bangkok) via Asia and had no problem there.

We' ve made Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake in two wards. When you organize well, you can safely Yangon, Bagan (a must!!!!!) - Inle Lakes (great!!) and then back to Yangon in 9 working nights. Fly Yangon-Bagan, Bagan-Heho (Inle Lake) and back to Heho-Yangon. We' ve done a bit by auto (Mandalay-Inle Lake), which was great (literally no automobiles on this road), but that's only good if you have it.

I' d go to Bagan (3 days), then Inle (3-4 days) and at the end Yangon, 2-3 nights, according to my connection. I' m in Myanmar now; my sixth trip here in 20 years, and following it would be my priority: One: Bagan. Stay a few nights here, take a dusk or two from the temple, and take a horse-drawn carriage instead of a bicycle or two.

Two, Yangon, especially to see the Shwedagon Pagoda. At least stay one night in Yangon to explore Shwedagon, one of the three largest Buddhist monasteries in the worid. Three inle brines. Fisherman on their feet are one of a kind and it is a tranquil adventure to be on the lakes. The Mandalay is not a big price and could be jumped over, but if you are there, it is worth a trip to Saigaing and the U Bien Bridge.

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