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Burma Classic Myanmar Adventure. Burma shows how important it is to fly the flag of the base. This exotic country has opened its doors to travellers after years of isolation.

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You can explore the wonderful, varied Myanmar civilization. Enjoy a tasty homemade dinner with a Bagan hostess or take a cruise on Lake Inle. Cross the bustling town of Ywama while taking a longtail to Indein. Situated on the Ayeyarwady River is the 26 miles long plains of Bagan, a town that offers a breathtaking contrasts of gorgeous green with thousand of shrines and palagodas.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Bagan. Walk the roads of Myanmar's biggest town and enjoy the enormous beauties of Yangon. The former capitol, in which almost 5 million inhabitants live, is still a flourishing megacity, in which every year thousand of pilgrims from all over the globe travel. Discover the town' s sacred centre, the Shwedagon Lagoon, and take part in an olive tree burning celebration before watching the sunset over the glittering Lagoon.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Yangon. Take a long tail row from the coastal town of Nyaungshwe to picturesque Inle lake. Proceed around the pond as you drive past the high teaky buildings of bustling Ywama on the way to Nyaung Ohak. An enchanting fairytale landscape of holy stupas, old customs and worship that you will discover in some of the world's most holy Buddhist shrines as you plunge into the history of the lands now formally known as Myanmar.

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Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar, is one of the major gates to Myanmar. Immergr√ľn and chilly with luxuriant exotic plants, shaded gardens and lovely ponds, Yangon has deserved the name "Garden City of the East". The Palace Wall Mandalay, today's second capitol of Myanmar, is situated in top Myanmar about 688 km northern of Yangon.

The historic town of Bagan, known as the town of four million pagodas, is the wealthiest archeological site in Asia. Situated in the south of the state of Sahn, Inle See is the second biggest river at 850 metres above sealevel, enclosed by a misty blue hill.

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