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Burma Classic Myanmar Adventure. Burma shows how important it is to fly the flag of the base. This exotic country has opened its doors to travellers after years of isolation. It can be part of our special combo tours - enjoy improved air values & more!

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You can explore the wonderful, varied Myanmar civilization. Enjoy a tasty homemade dinner with a Bagan hostess or take a cruise on Lake Inle. Cross the bustling town of Ywama while taking a longtail to Indein. Situated on the Ayeyarwady River is the 26 miles long plains of Bagan, a town that offers a breathtaking contrasts of gorgeous green with thousand of shrines and palagodas.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Bagan. Take a long tail row from the coastal town of Nyaungshwe to picturesque Inle lake. Proceed around the pond as you drive past the high teaky buildings of bustling Ywama on the way to Nyaung Ohak.

Walk the roads of Myanmar's biggest town and enjoy the enormous beauties of Yangon. The former capitol, in which almost 5 million inhabitants live, is still a flourishing megacity, in which every year thousand of pilgrims from all over the globe travel. Discover the town' s sacred centre, the Shwedagon Lagoon, and take part in an olive tree burning celebration before watching the sunset over the glittering Lagoon.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Yangon. An enchanting fairytale landscape of holy stupas, old customs and worship that you will discover in some of the world's most holy Buddhist shrines as you plunge into the history of the lands now formally known as Myanmar.

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At a difficult moment in the country's development, Myanmar maintains its exceptional capacity to cast spells. In spite of recent riots, the gold peagodas, old towns and peaceful Myanmar countryside take us back to a bygone era when churches glistened on every skyline and every moment was an act of veneration. It is more important than ever to keep in touch with the people who really make this land glow.

Visit and enjoy the ageless Myanmar. Explore Myanmar on this small group itinerary. Journey from Yangon to Bangkok, visit of memorial sites along the Thai-Burma Railway........ In Myanmar, Burma, our travels averaged 4.67 out of 5, up from 55 ratings last year. With the help of an outstanding leader, who also assisted us in experiencing the Myanmar countryside's cultural and beautiful scenery, the firm professionally solved all of our travelling concerns regarding meals, accommodation and transport.

We' ve had no anxieties or menaces during our stay in the state. I love to go on comfortable hikes, please let me tell you more. There has been much debate about the boycott of Myanmar journeys in the face of recent riots. We believe, however, that it is very valuable to continue our small group travels in Myanmar.

However, in reality, travelling buycotts can have a detrimental effect on the individuals they want to help, as the decline in tourist activity directly affects those communities that depend on the purchase of their goods. At Peregrine, we believe that travelling can be a power forever. Respecting that the decisions to go to another destination are an isolated one.

However, we believe in the tourist industry as a mediator of transformation for the better, and that is why we are continuing our journey to Myanmar. - The stay lasts 28 nights from the time of your arriving in Myanmar. Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. - cVisas can only be used for one-time visits to Myanmar and you may not re-enter with an e-visa that you have previously used.

  • eVisas are only available if you arrive at Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Aiport and Mandalay International Airport and at the Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung borders. When entering another Myanmar point of entrance, you must obtain your visas in advanced from a Myanmar embassy.

Nationals who cannot obtain an eVisa should apply to the Myanmar Mission in their home state. Tips are not common or anticipated in Myanmar, but as many people in Burma earn low wages, you may want to give a tip to show your thankfulness. In Myanmar, the uptime of the web is growing, with Wi-Fi and APs in most cities.

As Myanmar is not a highly technology-dependent nation, you should be aware of the fact that you will have little technological resources when you travel here. It is now possible to roam internationally with more and more wireless communication in Myanmar; the picture is quickly shifting, so it is best to contact your service providers first.

Many of Myanmar's restrooms are occupied and can be quite simple to use. The majority of high-end hotel and restaurant facilities have west facing restrooms suitable for travelers. Potable Waters are not regarded as secure in Myanmar. As Myanmar is still largely a money industry, it is best to have your own domestic money.

Cash machines exist in urban areas and most of Myanmar's larger metropolitan areas, but they are often untrustworthy, out of order or have restrictions on how much you can draw. The most secure way is to take US dollars or euros into the home jurisdiction and convert them into your home language upon your return.

Before traveling to Myanmar, all travelers must take out tour health and safety insurances.

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